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Yay, Christmas

I am departing for three-ish days to go hang with my family. I will return sometime on the 26th. Will answer emails and such, but may be slow to do so. Probably will be quiet on the trip down, it's about 2.5 hours, but after that you can probably reach me (depending on what I am dragged into upon my arrival :3)

I hope the holidays are treating everyone well ^__^

Have WIP snippet. This is from Red and Rapunzel, which Sasha has assured me does not in fact need to be thrown out.

Rambling for the Weekend

The saddest part about being busy is that even exciting things just become one more item to tick off. I rarely feel anxious about the release of a new book because I'm so fucking busy I rarely even know how it's doing beyond the odd comment or review I catch while trolling sites for other things.

That being said, I am still very grateful for every kind and enthusiastic word I come across. Two lovelyreviews for The Engineered Throne crossed my path the other day, and those made my month. The lovely and sweet Crissy is far too kind to me, and Joyfully Jay in general is always good to LT3, for which we're eternally grateful. Scrollin Them Papers is new to me, and a happy surprise.

In audiobook news, I now have three books in audio! ^_^ Prisoner, Backwoods Asylum, and joining them this week is Dance with the Devil.  Once they're out on all the usual sites I will let you know, for now they're just where those link (third party distribution usually takes about three week…

Too many words. I can't pick one.

Words meaning stories. It's always hard deciding what to work on next, especially after finishing something as exhausting as Princes of the Blood. Part of me wants to dive into another fantasy, and part of me is really fucking tired and just wants a break.

And the hard truth is that I do have to balance the shit that is pure indulgence with stuff that I want to write AND will sell. I can put a mountain of effort into Dragon Magic, but it's high fantasy and a foursome. It will never do as well as something like Midsummer Song or The High King's Golden Tongue.

OTOH I have quite a bit accidentally lined up for the first half of 2014. I have room to play for a little while. Princes of the Blood is done and with my editor, and I'll work out firm release dates once I've talked with her (the ones penciled in now are very tentative). I also have a couple of short stories -- Looking for More, which is from LT3's That Famous Happy End anthology, and SMP is returning my r…

Friday Recs

Two recs today, though I am way late to the party with the first and I think most everyone who would want to read it has ^^;;

Probably the best werewolf book I've read in forever. It still has the alpha/beta/omega type tropes going on, but the author does them well and it's not just one more book about angry, posturing wolves who throw out members for being gay. Also the military porn is off the charts. That made me really fucking happy. Reminds me of all the stuff I read back when I was addicted to Generation Kill fanfic. Jesus that stuff was hot like burning. Combine that will characters I loved to death, and you've got a great werewolf book. I have not gotten around to the sequel yet, but I desperately want to. If you like you werewolves mixed with hot soldiers, look no further :3

I have been in love with this series forever, and I have been waiting for Syren's story forever and a DAY. I might also have a problem with being patient. Regardless, this story was worth …

Friday Recs

Sasha and I are flitting off this weekend to scope a town where we are considering buying a house. Will likely not be around much, between exploring and writing, but as ever, beloveds, text or tweet if you need me.

In the meantime, have some recs I've been sitting on for a while. I miss reading and reccing, need to find a way I can resume it regularly again /sigh

A lesbian retelling of Hansel & Gretel, which immediately captured my interest. Fairytales will forever remain my favorite thing. I liked the way this was done, the relationship between Hansel & Gretel (in that it deviated from the standard). I also enjoyed the writing style, the author captured the fairytale vibe beautifully. And the ending makes it. Definitely give it a try if you like fairytales, femslash, (or even if you don't, if you're feeling adventurous).

I think this is one of the best sci-fi books I've read period. If you are a sucker for world-building, this book is gold. I've never seen…

Destroying Walls and Other Adventures

I thought that with all the cons done for the year, I would get a little less busy and be able to catch up on writing ^^;;

Honestly, I should know better by now :3

Not that I'm complaining, definitely not ^__^ I got a call from my mom early last week asking if we wanted to come help them renovate their den. It was decided midway through the project that instead of a den, it would become an office. Plans also changed from 'get rid of wood paneling and put up nice walls' to 'also, fuck that ceiling'. It was quite the project. Sadly, Sasha and I had to return home before it was totally done, but for those interested I will def obtain pics of the finished room. All other pictures so far taken can be found here ^__^ And here is a picture of me that seemed to amuse everyone (that's my dad and Samantha behind me.)

I am furiously catching up on LT3 work, and hoping to get slightly ahead, because I want to use November to attempt to catch up on my writing. The first Wri…

Prisoner Audiobook Giveaway

As we speak, LT3 is listening to the Prisoner audiobook for final vetting :D

While I do not have the exact release date (being this is the first audiobook, we're still learning timelines and such) it will be up before the end of October.

In celebration I am giving away ONE free copy of the audiobook ^__^ Leave a comment (on the blogger post) with a way to contact you. The winner will be randomly selected on November 1st, around noon. Winner will have twenty-four hours to reply and then a new winner will be selected.

Good luck! Thanks for helping us get this far, my darlings ^__^

Back to New York I Go

State and City this time :3

Sasha's sister is getting married this weekend and we are headed up to attend (Sasha is in the wedding, I am just going to sit in the very back row and read Sterek porn. That is not a lie. It's a lot easier to get away with reading porn in church when you don't to look FOREVER for ONE. FUCKING. BOOK. that does not have a dead-giveaway cover. Thank you, Apple. Yes, I know I'm going to hell. I will see you there, friend. Mom, stop giving me that look).

Anyway, we are leaving at This Sucks O'Clock Wednesday morning and will be driving aaaaallll fucking day.

The good news is that instead of heading straight for, uh, whatever the hell city the wedding is in that I'm blanking on, we're stopping in NYC first. To see a live showing of Welcome to Night Vale :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D We also get to meet E.E. Ottoman, one of our authors, and Aisha, one of our cover artists ^__^ I am excite!

And then Friday we drive up for the wedding, which i…

Embrace coming down forever

I do not like taking my books down, even if some of my earlier work I'm not happy with and would prefer to pull and have done with. Readers enjoy those stories still so I generally let it go.

That being said, there are some stories that bother me, for various and sundry reasons. Embrace is one of them, and I have decided it's finally time to retire it. So throughout October it will be 50% off at the LT3 site. Come November 1st, it's being pulled and will be gone forever. I am sorry to those disappointed by this news, though I assume most of those peeps have a copy and don't really have much need to stress.

I am grateful to those who have liked it despite its many flaws. Your support is, as ever and always, greatly appreciated.


Goblins, Elves, and Art

A huge and magical thank you to Megan Derr for hosting me on the Goblins blog tour!
Today I’m going to show you some of the picspiration for my fantasy series, Goblins. I am, after all, a frustrated artist. My hands suck at drawing, so I type my fantasy ideas instead. *grin*
I am obsessed with art, and photography. My favourite artists are a mix of classical and bizarre; Aubrey Beardsley, Brian Froud, Jan Pienkowski. I also love Arthur Rackham:

Arthur Rackham illustration ~ from Das Rheingold
I love anything beautiful and sinister. Fairy tale illustrations that intrigue and scare you a little bit are my favourite.

My favourite painter is J.W. Waterhouse, because I also love ancient Greek mythology. Waterhouse was famous for painting lithe and pale beauties, male and female.

Waterhouse ~ The Naiad

When I was writing the first Goblins story, my focus was very much on the goblins themselves, the ‘baddies’ of the forest. I don’t tend to write plots; once I’m going I’ll just write what comes… …

Guest Post: Michelle Moore

Greetings, readers ^__^ I am hosting the lovely Michelle Moore today for the start of her tour. She's a new and wonderful addition to LT3. Love her story, and awesome to work with. Onward!
Writing “Wishes” fell somewhere in between “write what you know” and “make up what you wish was real”.  In clearer language (since I write and all), it meant using some real places for inspiration, and then tweaking them up a little to fit my need.  Kind of like finding that perfect recipe for boeuf bourguignon, and replacing the red wine with hard cider.  Yeah, okay, so I’m no chef, I admit it.
The story takes place in the imaginary-but-should-be-real town of Playa Escondida in northeastern Florida.  It’s between Jacksonville and Daytona, about fifteen miles south of St. Augustine, or more specifically, south of Washington Oaks Gardens and north of Flagler Beach.  You know, if it really existed.
“But Michelle,” I’m sure you’re asking, “Now we know where the town is, but what about the co…

Audiobooks and Me Trying (and Failing) Not to Freak Out

So as many know LT3 is doing audiobooks now. We have teamed up with Red Planet Audiobooks. They are pretty much made of magnificent.

As ever, I am the guinea pig. This is partly so we can work kinks out so we do not bring harm to our authors, and also because my books sell pretty well so I'm a good starting point. I always kind of feel like an egotripping jerky mcjerkface, but I promise my mad cackling is only because someone keeps letting me mix my own drinks (90% vodka, 10% sour mix) and not because I'm a power-tripping crazy person (well, not power-tripping).

Voice actors have been enthusiastically approved for Prisoner and Backwoods Asylum. They're both goddamn awesome. Prisoner will be voiced by Sean Crisden and Backwoods by Paul Morey, for the curious. The cool part was that Mr. Morey did two different readings for Backwoods and I swear to god it was like two different people.

I'm doing my first ever book reading at GRNW this coming Friday and after listening to …

Situation Normal: Busy Busy Busy

So much going on, I don't even know where to start.

Writing, I guess. The thing I love most that I now get to do the least. The WIP I posted a bit of the other has gone from what I thought would be a cute 25k story to a novella that'll be in the 40-50k range. I hope. I can't see it getting longer than that, but I didn't see it being this long. Not sure what I'll do with it now.

Submissions are starting to arrive in earnest for a private call LT3 ran. A Loose Screw is all about the mecha :3 I am hoping to finish my story in time, but we'll see. The stories we have so far are very shiny indeed.

In two weeks (omg how did it arrive so fast) LT3 flies to Seattle for this:

I am beyond nervous, and mostly trying not to think about it. Looking forward to meeting all the shiny peeps who will be there, though ^__^

In other exciting news, audiobooks have begun in earnest at LT3. First book up is Prisoner, since I or Sasha always serves as the guinea pig for anything new a…

Heroes & Villains Blog Tour

Hello, I'm Harper Kingsley, and this is the final stop on the Heroes & Villains blog tour. I've talked about Tetris, Ninja Turtles, Megamind, Lord of the Rings, and of course, Vereint and Warrick.
Heroes & Villains, Allies & Enemies, and All That Remains cover the three main periods of Vereint's life. Each is a standalone novel that follows Vereint and Warrick's relationship as it evolves and grows. Everything begins with Vereint's failure to be a superhero.
In a world populated by a mix of normal people and people possessing amazing abilities, every kid dreams of growing up to wear a cape. The only question is: Do they want to wear the cape as a hero or as a villain?
Vereint has always wanted to be a hero. From the minute he gained metabilities, he started planning his move to the city. He had dreams of being like his hero Blue Ice. But the reality of superhero life and the mockery of the public sees his Starburst cape permanently packed away for the blac…

WIP - The Runaway Clause

Something light-hearted and silly I am working on when I need a break from the more difficult stories I am writing. I love me some fantasy, but good grief can it be exhausting. And this idea has been nagging me for years, so I said fuck it. I'm about half done with it? A third? It's hard to say.

(Excuse any errors, it's still very much in rough draft stage. The legal speak especially is going to need someone else to hammer it into shape.)

The Runaway Clause Chapter One

In the event that either party fails to fulfill its obligations under this Agreement to Marry, the most immediate relatives of the reneging party shall be liable to the other for a suitable replacement betrothed. Suitable grounds for declaring a failure to fulfill obligations include, but are not limited to:  failure to arrive at altar on day of Marriage, running away, marrying another while Agreement is still in place, lying about identity, situation, or motives for entering the Agreement. In the event that the…

All of the Things

I have not used my blogger, really, since I set it up. But Livejournal is becoming deader and deader, and tumblr while fun isn't really meant for the same sort of blogging.

So we'll give this a try. I miss blogging and chatting with people more, and most of that is my job, as ever, and using all my free time to keep my house clean or write.

Have been busy busy busy, as usual.

First, books! Because I don't get to spend as much time writing as I used to, but it's still my heart and soul.

Dance with the Devil comes out Wednesday (Tuesday night). If you want to follow along on my blog tour for it, where I ramble about world building and future projects and the songs I used for it, the starting point is on my LJ. It will be replaced in serial by Of Last Resort. I'm extremely proud of both stories, I hope readers enjoy.

When I need a break from all the fantasy writing, because the Princes of the Blood is definitely a draining trilogy, I am poking away at a Impractical-verse…