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Story: Two Parts Mistletoe

I wrote this story last year as part of a Christmas anthology I put together, A Touch of Mistletoe. If you haven't read it, give it a look, all of the stories are excellent, written by some of my favorite peeps.

But for fun, I am posting my story in full here, for anyone who wanted to read it ^_^

The High King and the Queen

All my love to those who have enjoyed The High King's Golden Tongue ^__^ Since I was sad I could not fit Marren into the story (though it was in the earliest notes), the holidays seemed a perfect excuse to finally write her. It's only a short little thing, but I hope peeps like.

Merry Christmas!


"One more time." Sarrica threw down his papers and circled his desk, stopped a pace short of hitting distance. "Say that one more time, you hypocrite, and I'll take those pretty new pearls around your throat and shove them up—"
It was the abject terror in Myra's voice that saved Lesto's pearls and nether regions. Sarrica turned toward the door. "What's wrong?"
Myra stared back, wide-eyed and practically vibrating in place. "I've just received word from the city guard that Queen Marren is on her way."
Sarrica blinked. Stared. "Queen Marren," he repeated slowly. "Allen's mother. Tha…

Black magic ficbit

For Alessandra, just because <3


Koray dismounted, nearly falling to the stones of the ward as his knees gave out. Myst reached out to steady him, smiling in sympathy. "Good to be home, huh?" he shouted over the pouring rain.

"Yes," Koray replied fervently. "Thank you." He headed off into the keep, sighing as icy rain was replaced with warmth and dryness. The castle was always drafty, and he'd feel it soon enough, but for the moment it was the warmest he'd been all day.

Home, finally, after days away taking care of ghosts that resulted from an unexpected illness killing half a village. Thankfully whatever had struck them hadn't spread further, and he'd stay away a few extra days to ensure he wouldn't carry anything to the royal castle, but Goddess had he hated it.

Servants came bustling up, and Koray was happy to let them strip off the worst of his sodden clothes and pull on dry ones that must have been hanging by a fire in exp…


Good Afternoon, Peeps ^__^

Since Intertwined is a not so secret favorite of mine, I am doing it's debut post myself. There are two giveaways, one right here for the first six books and Prism Book Alliance will be hosting a giveaway for the remaining five next week.

We all know how much I love poly. Harem Master recently came out, and my nano project is a fantasy story about four men accidentally bonded together until they kill the demon that destroyed their city (this would be the foursome porn with telepathy that I've been bitching about all week. Do not do telepathy. Definitely don't do telepathy if you have to write foursome porn).

So I was pretty damn stoked when we first launched this call, and I have been increasingly excited as every book came to me ready for final touches. They offer a little bit of everything: office shenanigans, professor and students, friends to lovers, angels to the rescue, rivals and incubus funtimes, a witch in the woods, beautiful, deadly d…

Full Moon Blog Tour

My birthday is October 13th. Much like kids born in February or December, it's really hard not to have the world tie my birthday up in the holiday attached to that month. Unlike the poor bastards born in February and December, I've never had any problem with this :3 Growing up many of my birthday parties were costume parties. One of my favorite movies in all the world is The Nightmare Before Christmas. I grew up with a mother who read us Stephen King for bedtime stories.

So it'd be hard for me not to love the moon, paranormal stuffs, and devote a not insignificant chunk of my time writing and reading it. Now I have a new fantasy book coming out Nov 4th, but for this tour it definitely seemed more apropos to stick to paranormal.

Since there are faces new and old along for this tour, and sharing books I love is my favorite thing to do, here are a few of my favorite paranormal or otherwise night/moon-centric tales.

[1] Master of the Lines series by Angelia Sparrow - vampires…

Argh, Cats

So as well known, Sasha and I recently bought a house. It's been an adventure of the kind I never want to do again, though I'm very happy we have a home.

One of the frustrations of the new place is cats. We had five. Found a homeless kitten (or rather, she ran off from a home we think was abusing her), so now we have six. But the same house owns this gray and white asshole cat who like to come up to our windows and sliding door and terrorize our cats. We're getting kind of sick of it.

My question for the internet: does anyone have effective tips for making this cat leave us the fuck alone. Yes, we could close the windows, but 1) we enjoy the short stretches of pretty weather where we can leave them all open and 2) my cats love it even more and I'm not taking away one of their favorite things because of Asshole.

We're trying thing on the window sills (coffee grounds and foil so far), and we're going to get spray bottles. But those are hard because he literally j…

Busy Busy Busy

So a brief sum of things and why you won't be seeing much of me or Sasha.

Sasha and I have been attempting to buy a house. It started out smoothly, but the endgame has been a little rocky. The TL;DR is that we're not sure where we're going to be living come the beginning of August. At the same time we're supposed to be doing to DC for Outwrite DC. So how are we closing, moving, and traveling all at once?

::laughs hysterically::

My parents are very kindly letting us crash with them for a bit. But that still leaves storing our crap and getting closing shit done hours before we have to drive to DC. Then we have to come back and move into the house.

So from about tomorrow (Saturday the 17th) through [date unknown] in August you aren't going to see us much. Because on top of all that we still have a company to run, and there's going to be a brief spate of days where Sasha and I don't have internet.

Don't even get me started on our poor kitties. They're g…

Release Day - Risk it All

Yay! Risk it All is at last out, I hope peeps have been enjoying it. I really hope those who remember the original enjoy the rewrite, I was really happy to finally go back and do a better job of their story. I do plan on doing the other brothers at some point. As ever, time enough to do it is the tricky part. But I really really want to knock out some DwtD stuff and maybe bring that series to a close in the next few years, so you'll ideally see them sooner rather than later.

Kipling is fun to write, because he's quiet and sweet but also could kill you in .003 seconds. And as always, I love my dragons, even if Siege and Perilous are pretty lowkey in this story. Tori is probably my favorite of the three brothers, though at the end of the day it's really hard to pick.

I am not very good at babbling today, I'm a LOT stressed over house stuff. Buying a house should not be so goddamn stressful x_x But hopefully this time next month it'll all be over with and we'll h…

Officially On Vacation (And WIP: SotD)

Sam, Sasha, and I are off to Las Vegas. If there's an emergency, we'll deal with it, otherwise you won't hear much from us re: work. We'll be back in action roundabout the 20th (though Sasha and I will be quiet/missing in batches over the next couple of months as we go through the hurdles of house buying).

In parting, I leave you with most of chapter one of Shield of the Dragon. You get to meet Diamond, and we'll see if you can guess the special guest(s) :3 As ever, this is the rough draft so pardon errors, etc.

Last Call (and a snippet)

It's May thirty-first, which means in ten days I go on vacation. That means anyone who needs something from me has until the fifth to email or otherwise contact me about it. I will attempt to deal with all of them up until the ninth, after which point everyone waits until I'm back in action on the twentieth.

I am not very good at whittling down my writing to dos, for every one story I complete I seem to add three more. I've been briefly sidetracked working on a side story for The High King's Golden Tongue. It's about Lesto, who is significantly more prominent in the rewrite than he was in the original.

After that, it's back to my to do list and sticking firmly to it because I really want to finish certain stories and am tired o getting waylaid.

The first story I'll be finished, which right now is just shy of being half done, is The Painted Crown, book two (of three) of the trilogy that The Engineered Throne decided to become, since I couldn't do Bertin&…


This is official notice to all and sundry that I am going on vacation in June. With Samantha and Sasha. The update will be done the week we're gone, but that's it (and pretty much all of that is Sasha). I am closing my email, ignoring the internet, the only thing I may take my laptop for at all is to write.

I will be busy doing last minute shit like packing and all from June 5th on, and that is the last day you have to get in touch with me. On June 9th I officially go dark, and you will not hear from me again until June 20th. No exceptions, exchanges, or refunds. LT3 has worked basically nonstop without anything but working vacations since we started, and we need a break. So we're taking one.

We'll be spending a week (the 10th-17th) in Las Vegas :D Samantha's been before, but Sasha and I have not, and we're all really looking forward to it. We've got a spa visit scheduled, a day long trip to the Grand Canyon, a reservation at a Gordon Ramsey restaurant, and…

Release Day - The Harem Master

I have a penchant for pretty boys in jewelry and very little else. It's cropped up in basically any story where I could possibly get away with it. I love poly, and above all else I like taking something that frustrates me and writing it in a way that doesn't frustrate me.

Regarding all of Tavamara verse, I was provoked by two things: Slave fic is a squick for me, and I got really tired of stories where a man was dragged into a king's harem, which was all women, in a country where homosexuality was wrong, and no one ever seemed to take issue (or The Bad Guy takes issue and once he's been taken care of everything goes back to being fine). It's sloppy world building.

So I wanted to create a world where sexual servants were an important part of the culture, but they weren't slaves. I wanted a society, too, where homosexuality wasn't an issue.

In fact, I wound up with a culture where bisexuality is common (and even expected to a degree, for good and bad, since …

WIP - Shield of the Dragon

So, to no one's surprise, it's taken me way longer to write the sequel to Sword of the King than I intended. I am working harder to get stuff done, and finish series in one go rather than let them languish indefinitely, but it's a long, slow process.

But the sequel is done, and right now it's stewing. In a month or so I'll go back through it and clean up, all of that.

For now, you get a rough chapter. Part of the reason I struggled with this one was figuring out who/what was missing. Diamond, as it turned out. But this is from Ken's first chapter, so you don't get to see my cool special guest yet. You do get Ken being Ken, which is always fun, although I might be biased.

Hope peeps enjoy, and have a lovely weekend when you get there ^__^

WIP - The Tournament of Losers Ch. 1

So my main focus ATM is still on my superhero stories (I am thiiiiiis close to being done with #2 and hope to start #3 this coming week but we'll see), but mixed in with that I am writing a story for a friend. She wanted knights, tournament, and something that would be spoilery (IIRC, I wrote down a bunch of notes but not the exact prompt cause I'm smart).

I've taken liberties on the knight bit (the char is not a knight), but hopefully it will work out :3

Very rough first chapter, pardon any errors ^^ Am hoping this will land in the 40-50k range but we'll see.

Have a good week all!