Saturday, October 27, 2018

A Sad Farewell to an LT3 Author

There are things that have come up, being a publisher, than I did not anticipate though frankly I should have.

One of those, sadly, is the passing of an author.

Early in the year, we were contacted by Robin Gallica, who requested reversion of rights because she had been diagnosed with terminal cancer and didn't want the rights issue to be one more thing for her family to deal with.

She was a new author, who wrote a wonderful fairy tale about a princess and the transgender man she falls in love with, based on one my favorite fairy tales, The Goose Girl. Her fairy tale retained that title.

Working with her was an honor and true pleasure, and she was an author with so much skill and promise. I wish we had gotten to work with her more, and seen her career flourish. We're forever mournful for all the stories that will now never be told.

Above all, though, we're sorry that she never got to finish her own story, and that her loved ones must carry on without her.

Robin will be forever missed, and we hope she rests in peace.

~Less Than Three Press

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