Thursday, December 5, 2013

Too many words. I can't pick one.

Words meaning stories. It's always hard deciding what to work on next, especially after finishing something as exhausting as Princes of the Blood. Part of me wants to dive into another fantasy, and part of me is really fucking tired and just wants a break.

And the hard truth is that I do have to balance the shit that is pure indulgence with stuff that I want to write AND will sell. I can put a mountain of effort into Dragon Magic, but it's high fantasy and a foursome. It will never do as well as something like Midsummer Song or The High King's Golden Tongue.

OTOH I have quite a bit accidentally lined up for the first half of 2014. I have room to play for a little while. Princes of the Blood is done and with my editor, and I'll work out firm release dates once I've talked with her (the ones penciled in now are very tentative). I also have a couple of short stories -- Looking for More, which is from LT3's That Famous Happy End anthology, and SMP is returning my rights on Lukos Heat so LT3 will be releasing that sometime next year. I also have Wriggle & Sparkle coming out in January with Yaoifix, of course. It currently stands at two stories, I'm hoping to write a third to round it out.

My white board is filled with projects, and I only need to settle on a few, but mostly I just get overwhelmed and go do something else. The white board list currently is:

The Goblin Market
Dragon Magic
W&S 3
Vanilla Spice Latte (DofM sidestory)
The High King's Golden Tongue
Midsummer Song
Captive (Kria-verse)
Clan Mordred (SotK sequel)
Steampunk story
Fantasy tentacle story
The Duke's Bonded
The Last Tale of the Cursed Knight
Diamond Knights
Sam's gamer story

And there's other stuff I want to do, but whenever I open the files the stories just don't cooperate. Paradise hates me. There's a fairytale I've been trying forever (about the prince from Huntsman) and I think it might cooperate now that I've admitted the stupid fucking thing wants to be a threesome. I should add that to the board. The Prince's Toads.

I'm also slowly picking away at another fairytale. Working title is Red and Rapunzel. It ties loosely to all the other stories revolving around the Laughing Forest, though it's a different country and a section of it that has broken away/become evil. It's femslash, and trans*, and an amalgamation of fairytales:  Snow White and Rose Red, Little Red Riding Hood, and Rapunzel mostly, but with passing notes of Hansel and Gretel and Beauty and the Beast. It will probably wind up in LT3's fairytale rotation, so subscribers stay tuned :3

After I finish that, I will have to finally settle on my to do list. I seem to be in a poly mood, so I may just say fuck the police and work on Clan Mordred and/or Dragon Magic. We'll see.

Peace out, lovelies.


  1. I don't think I've read any good poly stories in a bit of a while. That might would be a nice change...

  2. you know, the one thing i find annoying about blogspot is that I have yet to figure out a way to have it notify me through email of a blog update, now that everyone is leaving LJ lol :) you wouldn't by chance know anything about that would you?

    I live in endless hope and crossed fingers that ONE DAY Paradise will be finished, lol. :D but until then, all your other stories are entertaining me :) And all mentions of Xavier and Trick/Azura in your other works always has me jumping up and down in glee :D

    oooooooo, Dragon magic, poly that sounds exciting! especially love the excerpt you have on LJ =D

    And may i just say that I gave a big whoop when i saw Clan Mordred? *_________* THAT made my day~!!!!! yippee on that it (and Dragon Magic) seems to be calling you!!!!

    On another note, FAIRY TALES *_* hehehehe

    btw, I stand in awe of the amount of varied story lines/characters/plots/worlds you must be juggling, seriously HOW do you keep everything straight?

    1. I honestly have not figured that out either. If I do, I will pass on the knowledge!

      Yeah, I'm sorry Paradise is not done yet >_< I feel bad about it constantly. I never meant for that poor story to fall so far to the wayside.

      Heh. If Clan Mordred elicits that much excitement, it shall be done :3

      I am a workaholic, honestly, and the kind of work I've done all my life has sort of accidentally trained me to do it (I've done a lot of production work, where it's so tedious I live in my own head a lot). That and lots and lots of notes :3

    2. If you go to layout you can add a Follow by Email at the bottom of the page or the sidebar.

  3. WOW!!! You're busy. . .sending you peaceful & productive vibes :)

  4. I have always LOVED that you do polyamory. ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS.

    (Oh, hi, it's sixpence from LJ, hee - told ya I'd follow you here)

    Yeah, it's not for everyone, but I remember after the initial knee-jerk reaction of, "NO!" I was like... but they really love each other. So you really open my mind to a lot of stuff and... yeah.

    1. I don't remember the story that first tipped me to it, but I wish I did cause I owe that author a lot ^^;; I am glad I could draw someone else in! <3 <3 <3

  5. Commenting anon, mostly because I'm shy, but I just want to say that whatever you want to write, I want to buy! You're one of those authors that I just can't wait to see more of, and I love everything you write! I sort of wish I could just shove a pile of money at you. But in the meantime, I send all the positive, productive energy at you I can, and pick up my pompoms to cheer for you!

    1. Thank you, sweet anon ^___^ The faith of readers likes you always keeps me going, especially on the bad days! <3 <3 <3

    2. Here's my vote! Goblin Market, because I sort of adore goblins. And fairy tales! I love your fairy tales. And if you write more with the characters from the Huntsman, I will dance in gleeful circles. Other than that... well... like I said, anything you want to write, I want to buy!

  6. I would actually love to read Dragon Magic, sounds grate.
    Hope it will be released some day

    1. It will definitely get done, I love it too much to let it fester much longer :3 Thanks for the support ^__^

  7. Will "The High King's Golden Tongue" be the expansion of the free story from Goodreads event? Or regular publish for general audience?

    1. It will be an expansion of the free read, probably at least novella length if not novel, but it will be sold through LT3.

    2. I am glad to hear that :D The free read ended kinda abruptly, still a great story with your signature style that I like a lot.

      BTW, will the story with four protagonists (begins with what happen to each of them that day before they all met at the crossroad in the night?), the one that you had put up along with few other stories for readers to vote to be your next project. What's the name of that one and will it be complete sometime in the future?

    3. Thank you ^__^

      That is Dragon Magic! And it's on my short list to finish. I'm working on Clan Mordred and Goblin Market right now, once one of those are done it moves into active :3

  8. Yaaaay huntsman!!! And double Yaaaay for it being poly! :D
    (Nah I wouldn't care either way I just loved loved loved the characters so much, I'm glad they are getting their own happy end too!)
    But I'm actually pretty excited about all your projects (and I'm still kind of amazed about the amount of stories you have planned/in progress.. o.o No wonder you're feeling tired!)

    And I'm with the other anon above, I read everything you write and I never had a story of yours I didn't enjoy and haven't already reread at least once :) So yay to the next one you publish ^.^

    I wish you a merry christmas and hope you get some downtime and find time to relax!


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