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Ficbit - Punishment (High King)

In which a seventeen year old Sarrica, and sixteen year old Lesto, are punished for misbehaving.


"The very moment I'm out of these I'm going to finish breaking your face," Sarrica said.
He couldn't turn his head to look at Lesto in the stocks beside him, and his left hand was in his way anyway, but Sarrica didn't need to see to know the scathing, disgusted look on Lesto's face.
Sarrica's mouth, his teachers and commanding officers and father were fond of telling him, was what always got him into trouble.
Lesto didn't need words to express his opinion. According to his father, Lesto's every thought was on his face—all the more when that thought wasn't a good one. But then, the notorious Duchen was known for the very same thing. The Duchess, even across the seas, despaired of both husband and heir.
"Why did you punch me this time, anyway?" Sarrica asked. "I haven't even seen you all day. Father had me in council meeti…