Thursday, May 29, 2014

Missing Butterfly, Romance Novel, and Shine Forever WIP


It's been a really shitty day. Another cat, my sister's cat Lady Wilde, was killed last night by a dog. My sister is shattered, my mom was the one to find the body, and the rest of us are obviously miserable. This year is turning out to be fucking miserable.

So I am trying to focus on positives before I settle into a mood I won't get back out of.

With that in mind, I am totally stoked to announce that The Missing Butterfly and Love You Like a Romance Novel are now available in audio! ^___^ I hope peeps enjoy them. For those waiting for LT3's other audiobooks to reappear, they should by the end of June.

And now seems a good time to mention on more than twitter that I am being forced to eat my words. Several peeps asked me if I was ever going to write a story for Dai and Cooper. I said no. I WAS A FILTHY LIAR apparently. I needed a break from all the fantasy breaking my brain and lo, there it was. I'm about 18k into it, and if it's like the two above it'll end up somewhere between 40-50k.

It's a hard story to write, mostly because of the time skips (one of the main reasons I never wanted to write it, but if a story bites, a story bites and I do what I'm told). But I'll manage, that's what I'm paid to do ;)

SNIPPET. It's very rough, please forgive errors etc etc. All of the prologue :3

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