Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Ficbit - The Imperial Dame (High King)

Sarrica stared at the list he'd found buried in the bottom of Allen's desk. Allen might be able to hide his every thought from the High Court and every foreign dignitary to step foot in Harken, but after nearly ruining their relationship before it could begin, Sarrica wasn't as easy to fool. Allen had been brooding over something for the past few weeks, frustratingly elusive whenever Sarrica asked what was wrong—and while he vastly preferred to pin Allen down, literally if necessary, and extract the information once and for all…

Well, sometimes it was easier to resort to less direct methods. Like waiting until Allen was locked in an hours' long meeting then ordering everyone out of the office so he could snoop.

He hadn't expected a list of names. Innocuous enough on the surface, but something about them nagged. It wasn't until he remembered Lady Tanna had been a friend of Nyle's that the pieces had fallen into place.

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