Saturday, August 31, 2013

Situation Normal: Busy Busy Busy

So much going on, I don't even know where to start.

Writing, I guess. The thing I love most that I now get to do the least. The WIP I posted a bit of the other has gone from what I thought would be a cute 25k story to a novella that'll be in the 40-50k range. I hope. I can't see it getting longer than that, but I didn't see it being this long. Not sure what I'll do with it now.

Submissions are starting to arrive in earnest for a private call LT3 ran. A Loose Screw is all about the mecha :3 I am hoping to finish my story in time, but we'll see. The stories we have so far are very shiny indeed.

In two weeks (omg how did it arrive so fast) LT3 flies to Seattle for this:

I am beyond nervous, and mostly trying not to think about it. Looking forward to meeting all the shiny peeps who will be there, though ^__^

In other exciting news, audiobooks have begun in earnest at LT3. First book up is Prisoner, since I or Sasha always serves as the guinea pig for anything new and Prisoner was the most requested book. I should be getting demos to listen to by the end of next week. Going to be very strange, I've rarely heard someone else read my stuff. It always makes me feel very shy.

October Sasha and I haul back up to New York for her sister's wedding. BUT FIRST WE ARE GOING TO NYC TO SEE WELCOME TO NIGHT VALE LIVE. I'm so stupid excited. It's going to be me, Sasha, my sister Brandie, the lovely E.E. Ottoman and we're also going to meet up with the fabulous Aisha Akeju for dinner ^__^

After all of that, we finally get some downtime, which is good b/c I am fucking wiped by all this traveling and crap x_x

Fun begins again in January, when LT3 is attending AhnCon. If you're going to be in the area, come see us ^__^ And I have to start deciding/planning what other cons we'll be attending. Right now the only one set is RainbowCon, though I'll be all over YaoiCon when that finally goes live again.

Will have some Friday Recs coming finally. I miss doing that, but I swear I do even less reading than writing now. Am going to work harder to change those sad facts.

And to wrap this up, the lovely lovely peeps of Top 2 Bottom are doing a spotlight for LT3 starting mid-September. There are giveaways, author interviews, and even posts from two of my artists ^__^ Keep an eye out!

And now it's back to work I go. Everybody have a good weekend ^__^

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  1. I am so excited about the audio book stuff and getting to see you all at Welcome to Night Vale! ^_^


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