Tuesday, August 30, 2011

New Serial - Love You Like A Romance Novel

Once upon a time I wrote a story called Missing Butterfly. It was meant to be a silly, cute little bandom story for my roommate. I've never been much into bandom, or even into music, but my roommate steadily and sneakily brought me around to both.

MB actually wound up being less band-centric than I'd first intended, and I fully intend to go back to that particular set of characters someday and play with them as an actual band.

So I wrote it, thought it was something people would enjoy, but did not expect people to LOVE it the way so many do. I honestly thought it was too silly and cute and...idealistic? I guess, for people to fangirl hard. My contemporary seldom tends to take itself seriously, I'm just too much a fantasy junkie and contemporary for me is a break, a way to relax.

But, MB proved to be crazy popular and, even more surprising, it spawned more characters. Some of those chars will probably stay confined to the short little ficbits I write from time to time, but there were two who appeared and I knew they would be getting a novel someday.

Well, it would appear someday has finally arrived, though it'll be months before it reaches the public :3 Love You Like A Romance Novel is the story of Jet & Jason, and their story will be exactly as ridiculous and over the top and awesome as that title implies, because Jet would have nothing less :3

And now that you've endured my rambling, a sneak peak of their story. It will be serialized by Less Than Three Press next year.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Lightning Giveaway!

In honor of my new blog (because the other twenty I have obviously were not enough), I am giving away one free copy of my new book, due out Wednesday:

Tales of knights bound by duty, honor, and each other...

Always There—When the princess they are sworn to protect is kidnapped, two knights are separated in their efforts to save her, and in being part realize what they always had together...

Tournament—a young man attends accepts an offer to attend Tournament in the hopes that by winning it, he will finally gain the affections of the man he has loved his entire life.

Vow Unto Me—two men, divided by tragedy and grief, are ordered to a remote monastery to unravel a mystery, and finally overcome the problems keeping them apart.

I did release this book once before, way back when I was self-publishing on lulu. If you already have that version, you do not need this one. It has been edited and polished up, and I changed the title of one story (because I always hated the other title).

It's always been high on my list of personal favorites. I love knights, medieval settings, all of that. I am not an historical writer, this trilogy is definitely fantasy, but I did try hard to get the look and feel right. I am most proud of the first story, which is a rare instance of being plot driven more than character driven, which is unusual for me.

These stories are also amusing in that I used a very specific style of language (formal, no contractions, pseudo-old speak), and I wrote them for so long that I started to speak that way. I always wonder if other authors get so immersed in their stories they pick up the speech habits of their characters ^^;;; If not, I'll feel even more silly :3

I also advise one never writes a story that does not permit contractions AT ALL. It's a pain in the ass, let me tell you what :3

Anyway, to enter the drawing:

1. Leave a comment saying you want in
2. One entry per person
3. Drawing will happen 22:00 EST 8/30*
4. Winner will be randomly selected

Thanks to all for participating ^___^

*LT3 updates Tuesday night, even if our formal update day is Wednesday)

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