Sunday, January 24, 2016

Rainbow Snippet January 23-24

Myra always started work three hours before the work day officially began. Given how late his duties often required he stay, he spent his life perpetually sleep deprived, but that could be said of everyone in the office, from the High King and Consort all the way down to the servant responsible for cleaning up at night.

He'd been more than a little miffed when High Consort Allen started showing up two hours before everyone else, because he counted on those three hours of solitude to keep him on schedule and even on rare occasion ahead of schedule. The last thing he needed was to spend his valuable alone time tending to the High Consort.

But outside of a few questions while he was still learning everything, Allen was content to leave him to his business and focus on his own. The only significant change he'd made was arranging an early tea be brought for them, which Myra was not going to complain about.

From The Festival Prize of the High Secretary.


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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Rainbow Snippet Jan 16-17

From Twilight, the sequel to Midnight, currently about half written :3


"No, my buyer is quite trustworthy." She sighed and dragged her eyes up. "But my husband… someone came by the house while I was out, painted a believable story about being there to retrieve the books. My husband handed them over convinced he was doing the right thing."

Devlin's frown deepened. "Why would he fall for such a tiresome trick?"

"Because my buyer in the demon lord Sable Brennus, and the man who came by used the surname Brennus and had paperwork aplenty to prove himself."


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