Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Come and Talk to Me (if you want or are really really bored)! :3

My Bitten by Books Release Party for In Despair is tomorrow! If you want to come talk to me and a have chance to win Amazon gift cards, stop on by ^__^ I will be around from Noon PST to at least 17:00, but probably a little longer.

The last time I did something like this was at the Slash Pile back on LJ. Was fun!

Today is a writing day, so I will not be around much.

This coming Tuesday, our new furniture arrives! \o/ We don't often get to buy such shiny things, so we're super stoked. It's a whole living room set and because we did buy the whole set, we get a free TV :D

And August will be spent largely getting ready for September, when we're gonna spend two weeks on the west coast for Yaoicon and GRNW.

Last but not least, for those who have not already seen it, London sent me the cover for Rabbit Season! When it has a due date, I shall let peeps know ^__^

I hope everyone is having a lovely week!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Random Things

Sasha and I are participating in Digital Book Day. Today only you can download Dance with the Devil and Drink Class X for free. And there are lots of others books at the DBD site (pretty sure I saw Jordan Hawk), so have fun!

EDIT: Since apparently their site can't handle the traffic, just go to LT3 directly, that's where the DBD site linked anyway. Drinker. DwtD.

Speaking of books, I was excited to finally have all of these

I've been so busy with Princes of the Blood, I keep forgetting that A Suitable Replacement comes out beginning of August. Much love to those who read it piece by piece, to my editor Amanda for beating it into shape, and everyone who loves Deceived-verse. I hope you have enjoyed/will enjoy this latest addition to it.

Also love to everyone who has dropped me comments about In Despair. It's been very humbling, and gratifying, to see people like all the things I hoped they would, and that I managed to convey what I wanted. I think my favorite thing so far is the Lol they def act like teenagers vs. argh they def act like teenagers mix of reactions :3

That, and the way chibi Alrin stole the show briefly despite only being around for like a page ^__^

I am currently up to my neck in other projects, some of which were not originally planned and are throwing everything else off, but I'm still aiming to finish most, if not all, of them by the end of the year.

On the 16 I'll be at Blogger Girls to babble about Looking for More. On the 24th I'll be at Bitten by Books to chat about In Despair (and whatever else peeps want to know).

The Harem Master starts soon, taking Suitable's place. I will also have something else for peeps, along with the re-editions of King's Harem and Sandstorm.

- - -

LT3 is preparing for our convention adventure. It's like, one con and a meet-up, but we're going to be gone for like two weeks. In San Francisco for YaoiCon, then we'll be hanging around CA and WA a bit before going to Seattle for the Gay Romance Northwest Meet-up. We are sorting out books, swag, etc etc. If there is a book you want to see at YCon, speak now or forever hold your peace (GRNW we don't have much to do with the book ordering).

Lately I have been watching Dr. Who where I get the chance. I've always seen it in bits and pieces, and learned a lot from my sisters who are big fans, but never watched it properly. Haven't gotten far, but I'm having fun. Am going to be cosplaying Rose Tyler for Yaoicon :D

- - -

Let's see, anything else of interest? LT3 has lots of shiny books coming, as ever. Sasha and I have been watching Arrow, but mostly we just get mad at it for being fucking stupid. Bunch of shows I want to watch, but I haven't even caught up on Hannibal yet. Am managing to watch Sailor Moon Crystal, though :D :D :D

Now back to work I go ^__^

I hope everyone has a wonderful week!

Monday, July 7, 2014

In Despair and Other Writing News

In Despair comes out this week! I am happy and sad, nervous and excited.

This was meant to be a single story for serialization that turned into a trilogy. It's been quite the undertaking. I am proud of the results, but I will also be glad to take a break from this verse.

In Despair comes out Wednesday, which any LT3 peep knows means Tuesday night. If you have any questions, or just want to chat, or simply want to see me be a massive dork, I am going to be at Bitten by Books on July 24th to answer questions and such. There will also be a couple of drawings for Amazon gift cards, one for $50.00, the other $25.00.

This was definitely the hardest book of the three to write. It required the most work, editing wise, and poor Telme suffered more than any other character I've written, I think. And he's only 16-17 throughout the book (and Korin is 15-16). I hope peeps enjoy it.

Much, much love to everyone who has read this trilogy and made it as popular as it has been. It was a series I was certain would only do so well because everyone is sick of vampires, but it has been very well received ^___^

Thanks are also owed to readers of Looking for More, which is the fluffiest piece of nonsense I've published since Backwoods Asylum. I will be guest blogging at The Blogger Girls, one of my fav review sites, on the 16th (I have to write that blog post next, actually, before they kill me). If you want to come read my babbling about some of the things that went into that story, stop by ^__^

In other writerly news, next month A Suitable Replacement comes out in ebook. That story was meant to be some 20k fluff and nonsense piece, but wound up longer and more involved, cause at the end of the day I do what I'm told.

Replacing it as a serial will be The Harem Master, which I'm really fucking pleased with. It's a bit involved, since it bounces between three different POVs, but it's fun and it brings in bits and pieces of Tavamara I've never expounded on before (like the council). I think after I finish up some other stories in that verse that need finished, I will actually switch continents and do something with Rittu.

The new editions of Sandstorm and The King's Harem will be posted about that time, and I may have something else sort-of shiny to go along with. We shall see. I like Tavamara-verse, I'm really proud of it and love to play there.

In October, I'll be re-releasing Lukos Heat. Yay, dragons! And I've been ordered to do a sequel, which will probably get written next year when I've gotten other stuff off my plate.

And in December, LT3 has a Christmas anthology coming out, and I (AM THE EDITOR IN CHARGE AHAHAHAHA) have a story in that. More details to come on that later, but my story is called Two Parts Mistletoe and is about a potionmaker.

Still to be scheduled: Pack and Rabbit Season.

And everything else is in writing or editing. Many of my projects have fallen behind because of one thing or another, but I'm aiming to change that this month and get back on track. We shall see.

Love you, Peeps! Have a good week ^__^

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Missing Butterfly, Romance Novel, and Shine Forever WIP


It's been a really shitty day. Another cat, my sister's cat Lady Wilde, was killed last night by a dog. My sister is shattered, my mom was the one to find the body, and the rest of us are obviously miserable. This year is turning out to be fucking miserable.

So I am trying to focus on positives before I settle into a mood I won't get back out of.

With that in mind, I am totally stoked to announce that The Missing Butterfly and Love You Like a Romance Novel are now available in audio! ^___^ I hope peeps enjoy them. For those waiting for LT3's other audiobooks to reappear, they should by the end of June.

And now seems a good time to mention on more than twitter that I am being forced to eat my words. Several peeps asked me if I was ever going to write a story for Dai and Cooper. I said no. I WAS A FILTHY LIAR apparently. I needed a break from all the fantasy breaking my brain and lo, there it was. I'm about 18k into it, and if it's like the two above it'll end up somewhere between 40-50k.

It's a hard story to write, mostly because of the time skips (one of the main reasons I never wanted to write it, but if a story bites, a story bites and I do what I'm told). But I'll manage, that's what I'm paid to do ;)

SNIPPET. It's very rough, please forgive errors etc etc. All of the prologue :3

Friday, April 25, 2014

Rainbow Con and Other Things As I Remember Them

So it's nice to be back in my house and getting back into a normal pattern. We're getting a kitten soon. I'm kind of happy because yay, kitten! and kind of sad because it feels like I'm really saying goodbye to Pumpernickel forever and replacing him, even if I know that's not even remotely the case. I can't help it. I'm a soft touch. I started crying driving home the other day because a butterfly got caught in my windshield wipers >_< I blame my mother. I know I get it from her. DAMN IT MOTHER.

Baaaack on topic. Rainbow Con. More fun than I thought it was going to be, given various reasons I can't really make public. The best part hands down was meeting a whole bunch of awesome people. Isabella Carter had us laughing hysterically for 80% of the con (the other 20% was spent working at panels or "working" at the LT3 table). Angel Martinez was the poor soul stuck next to the LT3 table, but she endured our shenanigans and occasionally joined in ^__^ I bought her book Brimstone and got her to sign it, whee!

I also got a book signed by Shira Anthony, who was also made of awesomesauce. I should have stolen a copy of Alpha Trine and made Lexi Ander sign it, cause I heart that book and I heart her. Other totally awesome peeps I met whose names I can currently recall:  Tami Veldura, Ann Anderson, Elizabeth Noble, Grace Duncan, Augusta Li, Kathleen Tudor, Anastasia Vitsky, Leta Blake ... and I'm already blanking again, I'm terrible human being. I blame still being tired. But everyone was lovely.

There were a few rough spots. The worst was one of the con managers acting inappropriately toward one of my employees. Another manager later apologized for the first one, but it shouldn't have happened in the first place.

The panels were not as smoothly run as they could have been. My biggest complaint there was the lack of communication right from the start. Randomly one day the schedule was posted to the author/publisher group, and only then did some people (those who follow the group) find out they were hosting panels. It's one thing to sign up to be on panels, quite another to host one. It would have been a lot more responsible of the managers to contact people ahead of time and ask them if they were comfortable doing that. Some people didn't know they were hosting until they arrived, which is also poor form. It's not hard to email people; that should have been done.

I had five panels, Sasha had all three of her panels in a row, and I heard a lot of similar complaints all weekend from many sources. And for one of Sam's, the host didn't even show up and one of the other panelists had to take over. Another frequent complaint was people being put on panels they hadn't signed up for.

But it was the first RainbowCon, so I'm sure everything will be smoother next time (I do not envy them managing 138-ish panels, which was the last count I heard :3 ).

Most of my panels went well, I think. The Taboos in Romance was a hell of a lot of fun, definitely my favorite of the lot. I think the only one that disappointed me was the one about Writing Polyamory in Fiction. That panel felt like it was hijacked by people who were more interested in talking about their personal lives. Whenever the rest of us tried to get it back to writing, they stole it again. Frustrating because I had really looked forward to that one.

The hotel was beautiful. Definitely loved the happy hour at the end of the day to sit and chill. Staff was great, room as great. Am sad Rainbow Con won't be there again, though it's still in the air whether or not LT3 will return. And I'm definitely not going to put up with doing five panels again -_- I was seriously frazzled by the end of it all. I am not an extrovert. I don't enjoy talking in front of people. Three would have been more than enough.

The people I got to meet and hang out with really were the best part, followed by how happy people seemed by what LT3 had to say at our spotlight. Never done one of those, it was very x_x but I like to think I will only get better.

Did not do any of the evening events (past my Taboos panel, which was at 10 PM, ugh) but I never do. By the time the day ends, I'm too wrung out to keep socializing ^^ But those who went seemed to have fun.

The raffle was ... weird. Never saw the baskets. Never saw a list of what was in the baskets. Sasha asked somebody and was told 'one has tea and chocolate or something'. Which did not compel me to spend money. To be fair, one manager (the only one who seemed to be around and reliable) said that would change next year.

I think the only other thing that sort of gives me pause is the way the con managers seem to be using the con for personal matters. The theme/charity next year is focused on cats, which I guess it's their con, their choice, but we're an LGBTQ crowd and it seems like we should be doing something to help that community. I feel their pain. I lost my cat not long after they lost their kitten. But it seems inappropriate to use the con that way.

I'm also kind of annoyed that authors and other attendees got surveys but publishers did not.

But enough bitching from me. Overall it wasn't bad and I hope it flourishes in the future.


Because my editors hate me, I have gotten back a pile of editing all at once. I've been so busy with the con, LT3, and editing that I haven't written in what feels like forever :( But I am going to spend the weekend writing, and the rest will just have to fucking wait until Monday.

Editing wise, I am beating into shape:

In Despair

Looking for More

The Broken Forest

Rabbit Season

And I should also be getting Lukos Heat back soon. Ideally that will come out in October. LFM will come out whenever I manage it (that's a self-pub). Broken Forest is part of Damsels in Distress and comes out in February. Christ I have too many releases, people must be getting sick of me.

I'm also still waiting on Pack, and when that comes out I have no idea. Will keep you posted.

On the writing front, I really need to get cracking on my Mistletoe story. Am also working on The Harem Master, The High King's Golden Tongue, Clan Mordred, and The Painted Crown (which will follow Harem Master as a serial, don't expect it any time soon).

Oh, and A Suitable Replacement finishes running in August, so you get In Despair in July and Suitable in August. Because I have no life, apparently. Or just suck at scheduling. Possibly both.

I'm just saying, there are reasons we buy the beer at Costco.


Have seen Winter Soldier twice now, plan to go see it again today, or over the weekend if tomorrow doesn't work out for reasons :3

SPEAKING OF POLY, this goes live the beginning of May:

If you've been waiting for a good excuse to stop doing everything and write a poly story, well, you're waiting is over. And we've got lots of other cool calls coming.

Now I think I have harassed everyone enough for one day. I hope you have a fabulous Friday and a fantastic weekend, lovelies <3 o:p="">

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Books, RainbowCon, other things

On the writing front, I am as busy as ever. High King gets attention where I have time, Rabbit Season I have only to transcribe the last twenty pages I've written and that will be done (on my to do for today). I'm also working on The Harem Master and The Painted Crown, which is a sequel to The Engineered Throne, about Prince Istari. After that one will follow a story about Bertin. Still trying to work on other stuff as well.

Currently deep in final edits for In Despair, A Suitable Replacement (also planning to finish today), and Looking for More (which I'm self-pubbing when it's ready). And my editor still has Pack and Lukos Heat (which will probably also get a sequel, since Sasha was pretty adamant about it and I like breathing).

I'm also continuing to write Wriggle & Sparkle for Yaoifix, and am in charge of a Christmas anthology for LT3. More on that as the date approaches.

Speaking of books and approaching dates, With Pride comes out this week. I am guesting at MM Good Book Reviews on the 14th, and with Pants Off Reviews on the 15th.

Much love to those who have already read it and enjoyed it. I hope everyone else does as well. For those patiently waiting to learn of Korin's fate, fear not. Only a few more months now :3 And at some point I will get to rewriting Dalibor's story.

You can still pre-order WP through Tuesday evening. Come Tuesday night, it will be available to all for reading, and third part sites should follow over the next 8-24 hours (itunes is the slow one). 

- - - - -

RainbowCon! Should be interesting. I am on a handful of panels, modding two of them. Well, modding one, and then Grace Duncan and I are part of the world-building workshop (and two other authors, but they haven't really spoken up and I'm not sure one is even going to be there). I have never done a workshop in my life, and it's probably the only thing I'm nervous about because I would like to be useful to peeps. Grace Duncan seems like she's got it well in hand, though :3 Should be fun in the end.

Friday 11:00 - Publisher Mash-up. I have no idea what this entails other than the obvious, but I'm on it with Lor Rose and K. Piet

Friday 22:00 - Taboos in Romance. This is the panel I'm modding. Though at ten PM on a Friday I sincerely doubt it will be well-attended, if attended at all? Still seems a weird panel time to me, but I'll guess we'll see :) I am looking forward to it, because I like my taboos and it'll be fun to see which ones get discussed.

Saturday 11:00 - Polyamorous Fiction. Looking forward to this one as well. Should be especially fun since I've just started work on Harem Master. I'm not familiar with the other authors on this panel, except Augusta Li and then only by name (I think the one series is a threesome?). So it'll be fun to meet other poly-writing authors. 

Saturday 15:00 - LT3 Spotlight. Come listen to LT3 babble about what we do and ask us questions. We will attempt to be useful :3

Saturday 16:00 - World-building Workshop with me, Grace Duncan, Robin Saxon, and Carole Cummings. If there is anything specific you would really like me to mention, by all means drop a line and I will do my best ^__^


Until a week ago I had two roommates - Sasha, and my youngest sister Brandie. But Brandie got a new job that required her to move to a different city (where my parents currently live) so it's just me and Sasha now :3  So my bedroom is now an office, and Brandie's room is my room. The cats like it because they can lay on my bed and stare out the window. They just really wish I would stop using it :3

(Finnegan on the left, stealing my damn pillow, and Seamus on the right going OMG BIRDS)

Scorching Book Reviews is doing an LGBT theme throughout April, lots of good posts so far. 

Definitely check it out. I had a post on the 5th reccing sci-fi and fantasy books. The giveaways wrap today (I offered up some LT3 books, and the magnificent Aleks offered up Scorpion and Lying with Scorpions), but even if you miss that the recs might be worth a look. The other posts are definitely worth a look.

I feel I am forgetting something, but it will have to wait for another post because I must get cracking on work. Lots to do today, and the next few days, to be ready for RC. We leave on the 16th, get back on the 20th, and I would like to come home to a pile of work, not a mountain.

Everybody have a good weekend, and a lovely week! If you're going to RC, I will see you soon ^__^

Monday, March 31, 2014

WIP - The Harem Master

So once upon a time I wrote a dumb series of fluffy stories about a king and his harem. I totally thought it would be a one off type thing, but it spawned (and I really really should have known it would).

But I haven't had time/chance/inspiration to go back to the stories I had planned for it, or even finish the one I did. Poor Menagerie remains unfinished, and there's a story I finished years ago that I've never actually published because I wanted to write the other two that go with it first (The Prince's Harem, about Shah's youngest son. I wrote the story for the guard, not for the slave or the thief).

There was another idea I always wanted to play with in this verse, but the exact story never came to me. One of the things you hear frequently and often about fantasy is that what the author knows vastly exceeds what makes it on the page.

And I know a lot about Tavamara, including it's not-so-pleasant history. For this new story I went back back several generations, to a king abusing his power and a harem master caught in the middle of the mess.

If you've never read Sandstorm or The King's Harem, no worries. This one stands just fine on its own.

Onward to rough snippet. This story will begin running as an LT3 serial in August.