Saturday, September 7, 2013

Audiobooks and Me Trying (and Failing) Not to Freak Out

So as many know LT3 is doing audiobooks now. We have teamed up with Red Planet Audiobooks. They are pretty much made of magnificent.

As ever, I am the guinea pig. This is partly so we can work kinks out so we do not bring harm to our authors, and also because my books sell pretty well so I'm a good starting point. I always kind of feel like an egotripping jerky mcjerkface, but I promise my mad cackling is only because someone keeps letting me mix my own drinks (90% vodka, 10% sour mix) and not because I'm a power-tripping crazy person (well, not power-tripping).

Voice actors have been enthusiastically approved for Prisoner and Backwoods Asylum. They're both goddamn awesome. Prisoner will be voiced by Sean Crisden and Backwoods by Paul Morey, for the curious. The cool part was that Mr. Morey did two different readings for Backwoods and I swear to god it was like two different people.

I'm doing my first ever book reading at GRNW this coming Friday and after listening to the above all I feel is woefully inadequate ^^;;;;;  ::hides::

But back to the audiobooks, I am stoked. It's really fucking weird hearing my books, not something I thought would ever happen in a million years.

If you're curious what other audiobooks are currently on the roster, here is the list through Sept 2014:

Backwoods Asylum
Dance with the Devil
Saving Liam
Dragon Slayer
Finding the Wolf
Breaking the Shackles
Stealing the Dragon
Melting the Ice Witch
The Party Boy's Guide
The Missing Butterfly
Love You Like a Romance
Signal to Noise
A Shadow of a Dream
Midsummer's Moon
Midsummer Curse
Midsummer Law

I hope peeps inclined toward audiobooks enjoy ^__^ Thank you thank you to everyone for supporting LT3 and helping us reach this point <3 p="">
In other news, my very silly tentacle story Wriggle & Sparkle has been contracted by Yaoifix. Rin Sparrow is made of awesome and I love her to death. I've also agreed to write a second story to follow it, so if you like stories about silly paranormal FBI-type agents with a side of tentacle porn (and let me tell you, writing tentacle porn is weird. I love love love anthro, though, so any excuse to push myself on that point is fly by me and I really love Lynn and his unicorn love interest) then stay tuned and I'll let you know when it's going to go live at Yaoifix ^___^

Aaaand that's all I've got for now. Peace out, my lovelies ^__^ I hope the coming week treats you well. If you're going to be at GRNW, can't wait to see you!!!

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  1. I'm truly excited about this. audiobooks are awesome :)


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