Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tuesday Things

Of late, my life has been reading. And reading. And reading. I have stared at my computer for hours at a time proofing, editing, etc. My stuff. Stuff for other people. My eyes are fried. Cause reading to read is easy, but reading to analyze takes forever and is exhausting. I never want to be an editor full time.

When I'm not editing, I'm writing. Going to be getting my ass kicked on the writing from the next two months. I have three novellas and a handful of short stories all coming due one right after the other, so there's going to be a rather alarming amount of caffeine involved (when is there not, though?).

The giveaway for Treasure will be going up tomorrow. I would have had it ready to go up today, but have been swamped by the aforementioned reading.


Sleep. Never take for granted a good night's sleep. I have had issues sleeping for as long as I can remember. I don't think I did as a kid, but then again, my parents love to tell people the way they'd get calls about how I wouldn't take a damn nap and was waking up the other kids. Anyway, I don't sleep well. The reasons for this are myriad, and sometimes I can conquer them and other times I'm just resigned to a lot of nights of 2-4 hours of sleep. My biggest problem right now is light; I cannot sleep in a room that has light, and there's a stupid fucking streetlight that shines in basically every window upstairs. Sasha has fixed this problem for me, though. Now I move on to the next :3 And trust me, I've tried every trick in the book.


For those eagerly awaiting it, Stone Rose comes out tonight ^__^ I am putting the finishing touches on that today. I know this one will put some people off just because there is a threesome, but it's a good story. Much better this time, and as I wanted it to be. I never did like it the first time around. And this is the book where shit starts to come together and form a bigger picture. Burning Bright gave hints of it, but Stone Rose is where shit starts to get real. I am excite.

On the serial front, my new one, Love You Like a Romance Novel, starts at the end of June. If you have not scoped the LT3 coming soon page lately, you definitely should. Many shinies are forthcoming ^__^


Alright, back to the grind. More edits, then more writing, and I've got some writerly-type posts to start drafting.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Vampire Ninja

I wish I could find the original conversation on LJ, but I remember that I was home visiting my parents and being a shameless bum on their couch. This was several years ago now. Back then, I was still writing for free, and often got roped into doing stuff by my crazy ass friends (<3 <3 <3). One of the random stories they talked me into was about a demon who finds a baby and is forced to take care of it (yes, this did start as a discussion of The Labyrinth). That story is in Magic & Mischief, and is called The Spawn.

The second story started with a mock argument of the age old debate of who would win in pirates vs. ninjas. Somewhere in the mess, it was decided I should just write a story about a pirate and a ninja. Because apparently I can be talked into anything (this is true, I was bored enough one day to write macguyver/bond fanfic. it's on AO3 if you require proof).

Behind the Mask was the result of that particular pwning. Always Masked I wrote much later, for Sasha. It's even more random: a ninja turned into a vampire who meets an incubus.

Now, apparently, the next Masked story must be ninja/cowoby. I have no idea. I do what I'm told, haven't we all realized this by now? Especially when I'm being told to do something absurd, because why not?

If you want to read about my vampire-ninja, 'tis here:


On the coming soon front, the short story I wrote while on vacation actually got edited way faster than anticipated. It is now coming out June 6th ^_^ For those that liked Kiss the Rain and An Admirer, this story is set in the same verse. It deals with all new chars, since that's kind of how these stories roll, but you get a little bit more of the Territories only mentioned in the other stories, and a working mage & fighter rather than students and a banished mage ^__^

Riot faithfully served his lord for two decades, putting his mage skills to use helping to fight the beasts in the Territories and to make the lives of the castle inhabitants easier. When his lord dies, he is replaced by a younger man with no interest in retaining a man of Riot’s age and old-fashioned notions. His position lost, his belongings confiscated, with barely any coin to his name, Riot flounders in a world that seems to have no place for him, desperate for whatever work he can find—but adamant he will not break the rules he has lived by his entire life.

And now I am getting back to work, b/c my work list continues to grow and grow ^^;;; If you are expecting an answer from me, and I don't give it in a reasonable time frame, definitely feel free to email me again and say HEY HOOKER THERE'S THIS THING CALLED A REPLY BUTTON.

Peace out :3

Monday, May 21, 2012

Monday Things

Good morning, peeps. How was your weekend? What are your plans for the week? I spent a good chunk of the weekend making covers and writing.

I also finally did a real cover for Love You Like a Romance Novel, since the other one was never meant to be permanent (and sucked):

For those that missed it, since the weekend is probably the worst time to post anything (I know that's when I'm usually doing everything not related to my computer, I was the last to know it had gone up), my Love is Always Write story is live on the MM GoodReads group ^__^ Much love to them for coordinating the event. Sasha is going to turn ours, and a few others, into the various ebook formats for those that do not want to read on a comp. DL on GR, and eventually we'll put them elsewhere :3

If you want to read mine, it is here. I do hope to expand on it someday, make it a proper novella as it should be. I also have plans for Rene :D

Speaking of books and me, a short story that has been on the serial page forever (and which we kind of just forgot about) is moving to the book market. For all of the three people who have not read it, Always Masked comes out this week. It's set in the same verse as Behind the Mask, which I wrote because my friends are crazy and ordered me to write pirate/ninja. Being equally crazy and occasionally obedient, I did so. Always Masked was written for Sasha, though I forget why now. But the world could always use more vampire-ninja/incubus stories, right? Right. Check it out:

Stone Rose is due out soon, and I am busy working on the last of that series. After that, I have a few short stories to wrap up. But then, my dears, my darlings, I start working on Black Magic.

And anyone who read the snippet I posted a few days ago can figure out what story I have been leading up to slowly, but surely, with the tidbits and cameos dropped into Missing Butterfly, Delivery with a Smile, The Christmas Package, and Love You Like a Romance Novel. Probably early next year, I will be writing Paradise.

Many thanks to those who participated in the Hop Against Homophobia. Those of you who took the time to read the posts, leave contributing comments, was very much appreciated by all of us. We're glad the Hop was such a success. I always like participating in events that actually seem to make a difference. As always, my peeps are the coolest on the block ^__^ I'll be picking the winners after I've had coffee.

I should have the final print block for Treasure today or tomorrow, which means I'll have the giveaway volume by the end of the week. So the first piece of shiny will be going up for grabs very soon.

The Bestiary deadline is coming up fast, peeps. If you have a story, get it to us! ^___^

I need to stop creating shit when I'm bored, because then I get busy again and don't have time for it. But, for those that like that kind of thing, I made a Q&A group on GoodReads. I give it ten minutes before the first smartass shows up.

Now, I need coffee. Then I need to pick the winners, write some emails, write a few blurbs. After that, it'll be time to beat the ever living fuck out of a character. Don't hang out with mobsters, pro tip. That reminds me: Did I uncover my body trauma book in the unpacking? Did it make it on to my reference shelf? Oh, hey, it did. And it's right next to the law enforcement guide I stole from Sasha. That was remarkably smart of me :3 :3 :3

Have a good week, everybody! <3

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Busy Busy Busy :3

I am slowly catching up on all the work that fell by the wayside in the move. The most time-consuming and exhausting of these projects is the print books. I am nearly done with getting them ready, and hopefully by the end of the week I will have ordered proofs for:

  • Sword of the King
  • Saving Liam
  • Deceived
  • Impractical
  • Treasure
  • Burning Bright

We're also ordering stock for those, as well as Vixen and Legend & Lore, which is the compilation of Forest of Fenris and Desert Fire by the lovely TT Kove.

In the near future, I'll also be putting together the prints for Bad Moon Rising, Fairytales Slashed, Volume 4, and Stone Rose.

I'm also pretty certain there's a couple I'm forgetting.

My Love is Always Write story, The High King's Golden Tongue will be posting some time in the next two months to the MM Romance Group on GR. I'm also a goddamn sucker, and tonight claimed a story dropped by someone else. The prompt:
My sister has always been of the romantic sort. She fell in love with a prince and made a deal with the sea witch that she could make him fall in love with her as well. But its been a month and so far she has failed. Unable to see her broken hearted and knowing that she would soon be claimed by the sea witch, the three eldest sisters presented her with a knife to kill him.

She loves him too much to do so and now the task falls to me. If I can kill the prince, my sister will be safe to mend her broken heart. And what does it matter, he is only human. The human that rejected my sister and put her in the situation.

But I'm beginning to realize that the prince is far more than simply human to me. And I think I'm losing my heart to him as well.

How was I suppose to resist that? God, I can't wait for the stories to start posting. The couple I've beta'ed are kickass, and the marvelous SJ Frost wrote mine and it's about 19th Century Japan, which is my favorite fucking time period in Japanese history and was my focus in college and goddamn, I want that story!!!! :D :D :D Plus, there's like 5,000 others I'm looking forward to, and there's always a few that surprise you, so yays :D

Have an interview to finish up. Have been stuck on 'what is your favorite quote' because I'm lame and don't have a favorite quote unless I'm allowed to quote Cracked's 'because fuck you'.

Babble babble babble. It's what I do best--online, anyway :3

I still have bothersome red tape shit to deal with (transferring a business is made of suck), ads to make for convention books, vendor websites to contact, and then I get to play 'make 5,000 collector cards'.

There are also submissions to read. Covers still to commission (once certain authors give me titles!). And I'm forgetting at least a hundred things.

We're not even getting into the ebooks I have to read, especially not the one I've been pining for that finally came out today that I gaze at longingly for a few minutes every now and then, before clicking away from the tab with a woeful sigh. I give my willpower about two more hours.

And all of this does not include the writing that I've fallen behind on. Sammikins is going to murder me, which sadly she can do since I'm only two hours away now instead of twelve :3

So, I guess I should stop harassing my peeps and get back to writing ^^;

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