Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Going on Vacation

Alright, my lovely people,

Sam, Sasha, and I are taking off for a week to go visit a friend in DC. We will be back at work next Tuesday, th 26th. As ever, we'll be around a bit, but mostly away from our computers and such so replies, etc. will take a bit longer than usual. We're going to be on the road most of tomorrow, so we definitely won't be able to do much then.

If you absolutely need something from me today, you have about four hours left to get it.

Everyone try to behave while I'm gone, or at least get your alibis in order before shenanigans begin.

As ever, I leave you with a WIP snippet. I hope you enjoy.

<3 p="">Meg

Sunday, April 17, 2016

WIP: The Heart of the Lost Star

MILD SPOILER WARNING FOR SOMETHING THAT HAPPENS IN THE PIRATE OF FATHOMS DEEP. I'm probably being overly cautious, it's really really minor and I may have already given it away somewhere because me, but better safe than sorry.

This story takes place a couple years after the end of Pirate, for reference. I am four chapters from being done with it, and am so far pretty pleased with it, even with the list of revisions I'm already building ^^

Jader was briefly in High King, he's a little bit more in Pirate, and Kamir is introduced in Pirate. So this will probably be of more interest in July, but I'm impatient and wanted to post something, and this is the only thing I've been working on lately.

Pardon errors, etc., this is the rough draft.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Cover Reveal: The Pirate of Fathoms Deep

Courtesy of John Coulthart, who did High King as well ^__^ He continues to be fucking amazing, to no one's surprise :)

High Commander Lesto Arseni is the most feared man in the Harken Empire. None but the High King dares risk his wrath—and a pirate who once punched him in the middle of the imperial pavilion. A pirate who later snuck away with Lesto to an empty room, and touched him in ways far more memorable. And then immediately bolted like a man who'd gotten what he wanted.

Shemal just wants to live a normal life, leave his pirating days behind him and prove that he's respectable now. The last thing he needs is the two idiots who show up wanting his help with the noble they've kidnapped—the very man Shemal had been hoping to prove himself to, the man he hasn't forgotten since Shemal punched him a year and a half ago.

New to the Tales of the High Court? Check out the first book, The High King's Golden Tongue.

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