Tuesday, July 23, 2013

All of the Things

I have not used my blogger, really, since I set it up. But Livejournal is becoming deader and deader, and tumblr while fun isn't really meant for the same sort of blogging.

So we'll give this a try. I miss blogging and chatting with people more, and most of that is my job, as ever, and using all my free time to keep my house clean or write.

Have been busy busy busy, as usual.

First, books! Because I don't get to spend as much time writing as I used to, but it's still my heart and soul.

Dance with the Devil comes out Wednesday (Tuesday night). If you want to follow along on my blog tour for it, where I ramble about world building and future projects and the songs I used for it, the starting point is on my LJ. It will be replaced in serial by Of Last Resort. I'm extremely proud of both stories, I hope readers enjoy.

When I need a break from all the fantasy writing, because the Princes of the Blood is definitely a draining trilogy, I am poking away at a Impractical-verse story. Basic premise is based off an ancient discussion I had with friends on LJ. Essentially, a bride runs away and according to a standard clause in the marriage contract, it becomes the duty of her only relative--her twin brother--to find a new spouse for the jilted groom. Right now it's a little over 10k, I'm hoping I can finish it before all our traveling starts next week.

Next Tuesday, I head with Sasha to NY to attend her sister's bridal shower and chill with her parents a couple of days. Then we get back, are home for one day, then hike up to Raleigh for a concert, get back from that and have a handful of days before we pack up all over again and head down to Savannah for Authors After Dark.

Get back and have a couple of weeks downtime, then it's off to Seattle for the Gay Romance North West Meet-up. I am trying not freak the fuck out, because I am doing a book reading (and other stuff) and it's definitely WAY THE FUCK OUT of my comfort zone. But being scared to fucking death has never really stopped me before, so we'll see how that goes ^^;;; I am also be moderating a panel, you can look at the awesome panel line-up here.

And then of course, I'm home for a few weeks before I go back up north for a wedding. It's right over my birthday, too, but Sasha is taking me to Niagra Falls so it should be fun overall.
In unrelated news, I am going to see Pacific Rim for a second time this week. IT'S FUCKING AWESOME GO SEE IT. We also saw RED 2 recently, it was fucking fantastic.  I have a handful of books started, but none finished, which is a shame because I like all four of them, I'm just so fucking tired I never remember a word I read.

I am ALL OVER Master Chef. My sisters finally succeeded in addicting me to that show, and when I'm not watching that I am getting cranky over the shit that keeps getting pulled in Teen Wolf. Am slowly picking away at a TW knight AU, but orignal writing takes most of my strained free time. Am obsessed with NBC's Hannibal, but sadly must wait until next year for the second season.

My brand spanking new addiction is Welcome to Night Vale. I'm only eight parts in, but am hoping to sneak in all the rest of them where I can. I subscribe to the podcasts through itunes, but I think there are other ways to listen if you are not an Apple drone like me :3

And I think I am out of babbling for now. Hope everyone has a good week! ^__^


  1. I love all of these things :D I'm sure you'll kick ass at the reading and the panel!

    Oh, and I am in love with this background, it's so cheerful :D

  2. I'm loving Of Last Resort, I voted for it when you had that poll up and I'm so glad it won!

    Pacific Rim = AMAZING. I've been to see it twice and it stays just as good :D

    Good luck on your book reading, I know you'll do awesome :)

  3. Ooo, Niagra Falls is nice. I was there a few years ago and really loved the trip. And good luck with the book reading! Scary, but cool too! What will you be reading?

    Man, I didn't manage to finish Dance Only With Me on the serial, and now I'm itching to find out how it ends. Guess I'll have to buy a copy for my new Kobo, eh? :D


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