Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Things and Stuff

Greetings, All,

Been awhile since I've done a post that wasn't a ficbit. I'm sure we all prefer those but needs must.


My computer needs to be sent in for repairs. I have a backup, but it's a small, lowkey thing that can't handle all the shit I do on a daily basis, only the bare minimums. So if I am slow to reply in the next few weeks, that is why. Definitely feel free to reach out to me on Twitter/FB/Tumblr DM if I seem to take too long or it's a quick question easily answered on my phone.


I was meant to be having the first book in a new trilogy coming out via ARe, but thanks to their shitshow it will not be published there. But good news, it has a far better home in Ninestar Press and ATM has a tentative release date in May. The second book is also completed, and I am currently working on the third.


I am nearly done with beta edits on Heart of the Lost Star, the third High Court book. The fourth book is nearly done, I have like 3-ish chapters left, and I am also two chapters into the fifth book, which will finish the series (not including Rene's story, which is currently running as a serial, and I will have an update for that this month ideally, February at worst. I am currently overwhelmed with editing and writing deadlines)


Regarding LT3 stuffs:

The Prince of the Moon comes out January 25th, this is a re-release, it was originally published in Fairytales Slashed volume 4. Nothing significant has changed.

Love Tokens is another re-release, it was originally part of the Halloween Rentboys collection, again nothing significant has changed, though I really love the new cover.

And it's not on the LT3 site yet, but Twilight comes out April 5th.

Heart of the Lost Star is ideally set for late summer/early fall, it all depends on how badly my editor hurts me :3


Speaking of re-releases, The Royal Inquisitor I chose to self-publish. Thanks to ARe (fuck you) I set up payhip stuffs, but it's also at the usual suspects. Again, hasn't really changed, I just cleaned up typos and it has an awesome cover.


I am currently writing the third in the aforementioned trilogy, the last two High Court books, and am about to start the story I owe the winner of last year's anniversary contest. It'll be poly and have a dragon.


If you haven't been around the ol' blog lately, I posted a few stories for Christmas/New Year, including a High Court story about how Sarrica met Nyle, a Harem Master story about Ihsan's fifth concubine, and a Tournament of Losers fic about the gift Tress left for Rath :3


I hope everyone has a lovely 2017. Have an excerpt from The Mercenaries of the Stolen Moon, which is about Myra, Jac, and Charlaine (whom you'll meet in Heart). This story is MMF (and Myra is trans)

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