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Belated Christmas fic! Have some Dieter and Beraht :3

I failed completely to make this 'holiday' but it succeeded at being fluffy (for the Dieter and Beraht version of that word, anyway). The artwork was done by the darling and marvelous Raelynn, all my love to her! (it's mildly nsfw maybe?)

I hope peeps enjoy! Happy New Year! :3


Beraht threw open the bedroom door and rushed inside—then stopped cold not three steps into the room. He stared in disbelief at the bed.
Then started laughing.
"Autumn Prince set your leaf aflame," Dieter snarled, but the words were slow, even slightly slurred.
Beraht stopped laughing. He yanked off his gloves and threw them to the floor; his cloak went next, followed by his jacket. As dry and snow-free as he could be bothered to get for the moment, he walked over to the bed and just barely sat on the edge of it. He rested a hand on Dieter's forehead, frowned at the warmth radiating from him that did not seem like Dieter's usual, perpetual heat. There was a dazed look to his ey…

WIP: Anti-Heroes #2

Once upon a time I wrote some silly superhero stories. I always wanted to do more with them, do better by them. And now I am finally getting around to it. There are six of them, according to my notes, and my goal is to write all of them before moving forward with publishing.

Long-time readers (long suffering readers? remarkably patient and tolerant at any rate) will recognize many of the players, though I'll be bringing in some new characters to abuse. Story #2 is a rewrite of the one that was the universal favorite, Drunk Butterflies. It's been retitled Turncoat.

(and for the curious, story #3 is Close Enough to Touch and that is Minder's story).

Onward to Turncoat snippet :3

Why I'll Never Go Near Midas Again

So in October one of my back tires went flat. Just out of nowhere died a fast, brutal death. We took it to the Midas at 5526 Carolina Beach Road, Wilmington, NC 28412 . We asked them to change both back tires (b/c they were pretty worn anyway), do an alignment, and an oil change. The place wasn't busy, this should have taken like an hour, two tops.

We sat there for over four hours.

After the first two hours, they took us back to the car and showed us stuff, told us our brakes would need to be changed in not more than a month (we had them done elsewhere) and tried to tell us all kinds of other things that should be changed (like power steering fluid. which my car doesn't have, b/c the power steering system is completely electrical. red flag, if only I'd chalked it up to more than them being money-grubbing assholes).

About an hour of sitting around doing nothing after that, they told us only that they were having trouble "getting the bolts off" doing the alignment…