Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Release Day - Dragon Magic

So I grew up on three genres: horror, romance, fantasy. In pretty much that order. Discounting when I was a toddler and used to pull my mom's Barbara Cartland's off the shelves and pretend to read, the earliest books I really really remember are the Stephen King stories my mom would read to us.

(I mean, I read all the usual suspects for my generation: Babysitter's Club, Sweet Valley, Boxcar Children, etc but they did not stick with me really)

When I was old enough my mom let me read her romance novels. And from there I bounced to fantasy. I spent a lot of years frustrated that I could almost never find books that COMBINED romance and fantasy.

But the TL;DR here is that I love fantasy with all my heart. And Dragon Magic is my love letter, I guess you could say, to the classic quest story that is the foundation of the fantasy genre (I even started with the classic No! My Beloved Peasant Village!).

It's four guys who are forced to go questing together, though with all my usual suspects: poly, queer characters, a trans character, lots of snarking.

There is also telepathy, which is something I am never doing again, especially when I'm writing a foursome and porn.

I'm immensely proud of it, and I hope my readers will enjoy it. You'll have to let me know which character is your favorite. My friend Isabella favors Mazhan, my wife likes Cemal, my heart belongs to Sule (which is easy to tell, he has fire magic, which is one of my favs).

And the beautiful cover, featuring Mahzan and the spooky hand that symbolizes all the trouble they'll face, was done by Phill Simpson.

I hope everybody is having a good week!

Monday, March 12, 2018

Bisexual Authors in MM and Queer Romance

The TL;DR is that Santino Hassell is a lying fuckhead, and just one of his many many lies (b/c I don't believe a damn word he says otherwise) was that he was a bisexual man (he is actually a married couple, and while one of them still claims bisexuality, at this point, I believe nothing they say)

Which, you know, bisexual peeps catch enough shit (and pansexual right alongside them, since people like to conflate/combine the two). That someone would use that, and all the sympathy, support, etc it drew from our community, is despicable. Queer people endure enough grief, without someone pretending to be one of us because it brings them something. Entire essays could be written about that. They have been, I'm sure.

I cannot right SH's wrongs. But this one, at least, I can combat to some measure. Below is a list of actual, real, not faking it bisexual and pansexual authors. If you ever gave SH an ounce of your attention or a penny of your money, consider giving it now to one or more of the authors below.

(And for the record, if it matters, I am asexual and biromantic. I am not a straight woman speaking for queer people). Full disclosure, my wife is one of the people on this list, included only for the sake of thoroughness. Others are obviously LT3 authors, again included for thoroughness, not to bring profit to me or mine. They are starred.

First, A.M. Leibowitz already compiled a pretty awesome list on this theme.

*Victoria Zagar

Amelia Faulkner

*Sasha L. Miller (my wife)

Aly Haden

Kirby Crow

Beth Bolden

*Caitlin Ricci

*Robin Tennant

Sheena J. Himes

Christ McHart

Aleksandr Voinov

Bronwyn Heeley

Jaye McKenna

*Dianne Hartsock 

If you are not on the list, whether I missed you somehow, or you did not see the initial call, just email and I'll add you!

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