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Vampires & Necromancers

Two February releases, because I am a crazy person and apparently don't know how to spread them out ^^; But Come to Me seems a good Valentine release, and is decidedly more lighthearted than Of Last Resort.

Since I will be blathering about OLR closer to its release date, I shall confine most of this post to Come to Me.  If there is something about OLR you would specifically like me to babble about, let me know. Otherwise you'll be getting all of my world-building rambling. And the way I managed to lose a list of names three different fucking times. You have been warned.

Come to Me was spawned by a request. I cannot write everything my beloved peeps ask me to write, for various and sundry reasons, but where I am able I try to do it. The request was simply for Sorin/Koray smut, which I tried, but some other stuff fell in there. I can't help it, I like it when they're suffering.

And now, tiny snippet.

Sorin glared at the fireplace. "I sought you out because I've s…

Ahn!Con, Pumpernickel, Writing, and Other Babblings

I have been putting off blogging because I dislike posts full of negativity. I used to bitch and whine and moan and never have anything good to say on my LJ, and over the years I just lost my taste for it.

But some things need to be said, so here we go. If you prefer to skip unhappy stuff, then skip to the pretty covers below and endure writing babbles instead.

1 - Ahn! Con

This was a small con in Kansas City. It's our first time going, and we probably won't go again. We were deliberating, b/c it could grow and be more financially promising in the future ... but a bunch of little things, combined with the fact my email complaining of those things has been completely ignored has put us off it entirely.

The couple of staff with whom we interacted were nice enough. There was a woman who was always asking if we needed water/breaks/etc. She was nice. I think one of the guys in charge of it spoke to us for about fifteen minutes, and he seemed nice. That's about it. Our main irri…