Friday, November 22, 2013

Friday Recs

Two recs today, though I am way late to the party with the first and I think most everyone who would want to read it has ^^;;

Probably the best werewolf book I've read in forever. It still has the alpha/beta/omega type tropes going on, but the author does them well and it's not just one more book about angry, posturing wolves who throw out members for being gay. Also the military porn is off the charts. That made me really fucking happy. Reminds me of all the stuff I read back when I was addicted to Generation Kill fanfic. Jesus that stuff was hot like burning. Combine that will characters I loved to death, and you've got a great werewolf book. I have not gotten around to the sequel yet, but I desperately want to. If you like you werewolves mixed with hot soldiers, look no further :3

I have been in love with this series forever, and I have been waiting for Syren's story forever and a DAY. I might also have a problem with being patient. Regardless, this story was worth the wait. It's not an easy journey for our poor boys, and they can be magnificently stupid at times, but they pull it together in the end :3 Still one of my absolute fav series for the whole cop/criminal type story.  Series can be looked at more closely here.

Sadly, these two are all I've got for now. I am hoping to get more reading done this weekend, since all I have left of my last nano project is some wrap-up porn :3

Everybody have a fabulous weekend! ^__^

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