Friday, December 13, 2013

Rambling for the Weekend

The saddest part about being busy is that even exciting things just become one more item to tick off. I rarely feel anxious about the release of a new book because I'm so fucking busy I rarely even know how it's doing beyond the odd comment or review I catch while trolling sites for other things.

That being said, I am still very grateful for every kind and enthusiastic word I come across. Two lovely reviews for The Engineered Throne crossed my path the other day, and those made my month. The lovely and sweet Crissy is far too kind to me, and Joyfully Jay in general is always good to LT3, for which we're eternally grateful. Scrollin Them Papers is new to me, and a happy surprise.

In audiobook news, I now have three books in audio! ^_^ Prisoner, Backwoods Asylum, and joining them this week is Dance with the Devil.  Once they're out on all the usual sites I will let you know, for now they're just where those link (third party distribution usually takes about three weeks, give or take).

On the writing front front, today's agenda is to start work on Clan Mordred. I need to find all my notes, reread SotK, but I remember the beginning I had in mind well enough to get that far. It begins with Amr naked :3  Will likely also pick away at Red and Rapunzel (argh that needs a better title. Later, later). 

It does not feel like a Friday, but then again, LT3's week (at least for me and Sasha) tends to run Saturday-Wednesday, so Th/F feels more like Sa/Su to us ^^

Now to stop slacking and get to work. Everybody have a good weekend ^__^


  1. Clan Mordred!! Now that sounds exciting. I won't complain about Amr naked either. :)))

  2. Will Wyatt from "Dance Only For Me" got his own book as well? :D I really like his characters and would love to really see him *in action* and not off page.

    1. Wyatt does have a story, as it happens? Started, even. I will probably finish it while I work on Mordred, since I'll be in that mindset anyway ;)

  3. Yeah :D. Sounds like he will be involved with dragon clan then :D.

  4. Yippie on Clan Mordred :) Awesome news on Wyatt too!! Just purchased Prisoner and DwtD in audiobooks, and I can't wait to listen to them! Downloading now. . .


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