Saturday, October 10, 2015

Argh, Cats

So as well known, Sasha and I recently bought a house. It's been an adventure of the kind I never want to do again, though I'm very happy we have a home.

One of the frustrations of the new place is cats. We had five. Found a homeless kitten (or rather, she ran off from a home we think was abusing her), so now we have six. But the same house owns this gray and white asshole cat who like to come up to our windows and sliding door and terrorize our cats. We're getting kind of sick of it.

My question for the internet: does anyone have effective tips for making this cat leave us the fuck alone. Yes, we could close the windows, but 1) we enjoy the short stretches of pretty weather where we can leave them all open and 2) my cats love it even more and I'm not taking away one of their favorite things because of Asshole.

We're trying thing on the window sills (coffee grounds and foil so far), and we're going to get spray bottles. But those are hard because he literally just goes around to every window in the house so it's hard to know where he'll pop up next, and he bolts fast when he sees a human so it's unlikely we'll ever be able to spray him.

I could call animal control, but that's a last resort. There's no telling what they'll do to him, and I don't want to start off living here by pissing my neighbors the fuck off (possibly pissing them off MORE since they know we have the kitten and sure as fuck aren't giving it back. She was 12 weeks when we found her, weighed 2.5 lbs, and had three kinds of worms. We are NOT giving her back).

So, advice is welcome, if you have experience in this sort of thing and know effective (at least possibly effective) solutions.

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  1. I've heard cats hate lemon scent, so maybe you could try that, in addition to coffee grounds?

  2. Have you tried double sided tape? Cats hate sticky toes. (@ctrl_issue)

  3. What worked really well for us are ultrasonic repellent machines. The ultrasound emissions are directional so if you orient the machines towards the outside, they should not affect your cats so long as they stay inside. The ultrasounds wavelength available are also species-specific (more or less :-) so the settings for cats and dogs do not affect birds or especially humans. You might need a machine for each side of the house with windows but they are not that expensive. You can find them online for less than $40 apiece...
    There was a neighborhood cat who sneaked inside the pantry to steal whatever she could find as soon as we left the outside door open to air the pantry. It was getting really irritating as we couldn't leave anything there to cool down anymore. The ultrasonic repellent machine just stopped all cats from coming the pantry door. When we shut down the machine, they come visiting again. Perfect. I hope it works for you and Sasha... and your cats.

    An avid reader of yours and Sasha's work.

  4. I second the double sided sticky tape


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