Sunday, October 25, 2015

Full Moon Blog Tour

My birthday is October 13th. Much like kids born in February or December, it's really hard not to have the world tie my birthday up in the holiday attached to that month. Unlike the poor bastards born in February and December, I've never had any problem with this :3 Growing up many of my birthday parties were costume parties. One of my favorite movies in all the world is The Nightmare Before Christmas. I grew up with a mother who read us Stephen King for bedtime stories.

So it'd be hard for me not to love the moon, paranormal stuffs, and devote a not insignificant chunk of my time writing and reading it. Now I have a new fantasy book coming out Nov 4th, but for this tour it definitely seemed more apropos to stick to paranormal.

Since there are faces new and old along for this tour, and sharing books I love is my favorite thing to do, here are a few of my favorite paranormal or otherwise night/moon-centric tales.

[1] Master of the Lines series by Angelia Sparrow - vampires! Probably the most moon-centric book on this list, though that doesn't become clear until the last couple of books and explaining why would be spoilery :3 Vision is my true love!

[2] Tooth & Claw series by Amelia Faulkner - vampires and werewolves. A blind vampire, even, and extremely well done. I am currently pining away for the next book to come out. If you want something different in the way of vampires, here you go.

[3] Charmed and Dangerous anthology - lots of favorite peeps in this book, and some truly amazing stories. If you're like me and don't always have time to read long stuff, this is a good set of short stories to keep you occupied for a few nights.

[4] Song of the Spring Moon Waning - rare to see a story about China, especially an historical, and this has fantasy elements and is still one of my favorite stories ever.

[5] The Warder series by Mary Calmes - Sinnerman is my favorite of the set, but they're all good. I reread them all the time, was very very excited when I bought the prints and got Mary Calmes to sign them ^_^

If you give them a try, I hope you enjoy! :D

My contribution to the giveaway for this tour are the five main books of my Dance with the Devil series, which revolve primarily around the lives of various paranormal detectives. The first, Dance with the Devil, is about Christian. He is unique in that he is half ghost, something that even the paranormal world in all its oddities has never really seen. Midnight is about an ancestor of his, a powerful, eccentric witch who's ward is a special, one of a kind draugr. Dance in the Dark is about Johnnie, a normal human who was adopted by a powerful vampire, and who learns there is more to how that happened than he ever realized. Dance Only for Me is about a sorcerer who encounters a demon that shouldn't exist, and Sword of the King is about the unique dragons of the Dance world, who are split between the mysterious dragons of the Clans, and the dragons raised for pit fights by the Syndicates. If you win them, I hope you have fun reading! ^__^

Have fun with the rest of the tour! You can enter the raffle here for the chance to win various prizes. Thanks for stopping by ^__^


  1. I like the sound of the Dance with the Devil series.

  2. I like the sound of the Dance with the Devil series.

  3. Your books sound most creative. I like that.

  4. Nice idea for a post! I'll have to check out some of the books you suggested. Have you read Sharp Teeth by Toby Barlow?

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  6. Dance With The Devil series sounds fun!!

  7. Dance with the Devil series sounds awesome!!

  8. I love this series! Don't enter me into the drawing as I already own them all!

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  10. The Nightmare Before Christmas is a family favourite, played every Halloween and Christmas. ^_^

  11. My sister's birthday is in October too. Her parties were always dress up ones too. I love paranormal detective stories and can't wait to read Dance With The Devil. I've never heard of a half ghost before and I'm look forward to finding out all about him.
    Thanks for the giveaway.
    diannp (at)neo (dot)rr (dot)com

  12. Your books sound so intriguing. Thank you for this opportunity.


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