Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Release Day - Risk it All

Yay! Risk it All is at last out, I hope peeps have been enjoying it. I really hope those who remember the original enjoy the rewrite, I was really happy to finally go back and do a better job of their story. I do plan on doing the other brothers at some point. As ever, time enough to do it is the tricky part. But I really really want to knock out some DwtD stuff and maybe bring that series to a close in the next few years, so you'll ideally see them sooner rather than later.

Kipling is fun to write, because he's quiet and sweet but also could kill you in .003 seconds. And as always, I love my dragons, even if Siege and Perilous are pretty lowkey in this story. Tori is probably my favorite of the three brothers, though at the end of the day it's really hard to pick.

I am not very good at babbling today, I'm a LOT stressed over house stuff. Buying a house should not be so goddamn stressful x_x But hopefully this time next month it'll all be over with and we'll have a house. Cross your fingers for us!

In other writing news, we managed to fit in my lesbian mermaid story, which will now come out in September. If you like that sort of thing, or are game for something different, give it a try :3 Note this story was originally released in Vixen a few years ago, so if you have that anthology there's no reason to buy this story again.

And of course many peeps are eagerly awaiting November and the release of The High King's Golden Tongue. I am anxious to see what everyone thinks, NGL. But I think it's one of my best books, I am so very very happy with it.

Now I must get back to work. LT3 stuffs to knock out, packing to do, and I am going to finally finish The Painted Crown if it kills me.

There are a couple of other projects in progress, more on them when I have firm details.

I hope everyone is having an excellent week. As always, much love for your support.


  1. So in the original The High Kong's Golden Tongue, Allen only knew twelve languages but in your blurb from May, he knew forteen. My question is, what is the fastest nail count of languages that Allen knows?

  2. I really enjoyed reading Risk it All. I definitely noticed the differences from the original, but I think those differences fleshed out the story perfectly. It was awesome to be able to read about them again!


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