Saturday, August 16, 2014

My eyeballs

So this is a personal post, rather than writing blather, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

I've needed to get new glasses for awhile now, but time+money is a remarkably tricky combination. Anyway, finally managed it today, and it was not what I expected (also, pardon typos, my eyes are still dilated and everything is very very blurry).

The doctor I went to see noticed that I have what he called 'convergence insufficiency'. The TL;DR is that the muscles in my eyes don't work the way they should, and I have to work harder to force them to. I've apparently been doing this instinctively my whole life, never realizing the way I read and stuff was weird. It explains, among many many other things, why after a few hours it's easier for me to read with one eye close. Doctor said it was impressive I was such an avid reader, since it's hard to focus my eyes that way for long periods of time.

Also my previous eye doctor apparently gave me too strong a prescription.

So no wonder my eyes have been so tired and sore lately. Between new glasses and the exercises to help the convergence problem, I should be doing much better going forward ^__^ This is really awesome news for me (and it was refreshing to have a doctor who gave a fuck, when I've pretty much come to hate the medical industry for being callous assholes who don't give a fuck about anything but getting people back out the door).

Now I just need to order the new glasses, which I will hopefully have before YaoiCon and GRNW ^__^

Peace out!


  1. That's crazy! I'm so glad your doctor took the time to actually check the problem instead of assuming stuff. Are you getting new frames too? I hope they're cute. I know I got shafted last time I went to the eye doctor. Nearly all the frames were bedazzled and cheapy, so I had to settle for something I considered overpriced and not at all what I wanted, ha. Why tacky and hideous colors are in style, I will never know.

    But, oh my gosh, think of the reduced headaches! That alone is enough to make one weep.

  2. I am getting new frames, I'm going to try this website instead of a store: so I hopefully have more and cheaper options. We'll see how it goes ^^

    Yeah, it's pretty nice to have a name to put to my problems, and ways to reduce the problem. It's like Christmas, sort of

  3. Glad to hear you're getting some good help for your eyes. I'm not a fan of anything medical (/dental/optical), mostly because of similar experiences, but wow what a difference when you finally find someone good in the industry! Hope the exercises and new prescription helps. :)

  4. I'm so glad to hear you found a doctor who bothered to figure out what was wrong with your eyes! ^__^ Eye problems are the worst. >.<

    And I've tried zennioptical! It's a good site. I'd use it again myself, but I forgot to ask about a slip with all my details... But if I go back to hometown this weekend, I can stop by and get it then. I only remembered it now because you mentioned the site. ^^;; But yeah, good site, cheap, but with quality anyway. ^_^

  5. Yay for a doctor who cares enough to actually notice what the problem is. What kind of exercises can you do to help the problem (and can they make it go away completely)?

    Whenever I read in bed I also like to do it with one eye closed but that's because if I'm lying down I can't wear my glasses and my eyes have different focus point so depending on where I hold the book one eye can see it without effort and the other can't focus no matter how hard it tries...


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