Friday, March 28, 2014

Friday Recs

Two books this week. I've had the first lying around forever waiting patiently to be read. Finally read it, adored it enough I went looking for more and found the second! Which I loved even more. Can't wait for third, which comes out in May ^__^

So far this is a very fun, sweet series. It's a nice change up from a genre that seems mostly full of sex slaves and fuck or die. Spice n Solace is about a brothel owner, basically, who has to sort out a problem with a high end client and is mistaken as his whore for the evening. He's rather adorkable for a dude that manages hookers for a living. I like the client, too. They're very cute, very hot, and it was just overall a lot of fun to read.

Alien n Outlaw is even better, with the alien who likes humans but has no idea how to about flirting with one, and then the hapless, game for anything thief he collides with :3 Very cute, and I love the effort put into the differences between species, the compromises they make to be with each..

Definitely rec these for anyone who likes good space opera type stuff, or just cute, fun stories in general.

I seem to be on a sci-fi kick lately. I'm a huge fan of Alpha Trine by Lexi Ander, and because I am the publisher I have already read its sequel, Striker, at least three times. It's good to be me! :3 Must find more books like these and the above, cause I still want.

Everybody have a good weekend <3 p="">

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  1. No fair telling us you've read Striker 3 times while we're still waiting impatiently for it to come out! LOL


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