Friday, January 24, 2014

Ahn!Con, Pumpernickel, Writing, and Other Babblings

I have been putting off blogging because I dislike posts full of negativity. I used to bitch and whine and moan and never have anything good to say on my LJ, and over the years I just lost my taste for it.

But some things need to be said, so here we go. If you prefer to skip unhappy stuff, then skip to the pretty covers below and endure writing babbles instead.

1 - Ahn! Con

This was a small con in Kansas City. It's our first time going, and we probably won't go again. We were deliberating, b/c it could grow and be more financially promising in the future ... but a bunch of little things, combined with the fact my email complaining of those things has been completely ignored has put us off it entirely.

The couple of staff with whom we interacted were nice enough. There was a woman who was always asking if we needed water/breaks/etc. She was nice. I think one of the guys in charge of it spoke to us for about fifteen minutes, and he seemed nice. That's about it. Our main irritation was one of the vendor's behind us, Anime Source KC. The guy who seemed in charge of that booth was loud, rude, and obnoxious to the point he made not just us, but many of the customers uncomfortable. We spent all of Saturday listening to him gleefully shout annoying things like 'titty titty bang bang' which might seem stupid, but after hours of it, alongside other such stupid behavior, we had our fill. The far more uncomfortable part was how he eagerly announced that his friend had a rape face, did you see his rape face, he's got a rape face. All fucking weekend we put up with that. And there was nothing we could do about it because the people laughing and playing along and encouraging him was the staff at the con table nearby. Combined with the shitty way staff treated my friends Amanda and Julie, of Lesser Key Studios, Ahn! Con has definitely been added to our con blacklist.

There were some bright spots. One, I got to hang with Amanda and Julie. Amanda and I met in college, and she's one of the few from those days I still keep in touch with. I also edit the print volumes of their awesome comic.

We also met the lovely people of Grave Impressions, another cool online comic.

I think the best part, though, was the few people who came to our table and were totally stoked to learn that we do accept (and are actively seeking) trans stories. LT3 is slowly acquiring more and more stories on that front, and it makes us happy.


2 - Pumpernickel

Most people who follow me already know this, but this past Saturday my nine year old cat Pumpernickel had to be put to sleep. It came out of nowhere and happened so fast that almost a week later I'm still reeling. He was my baby, and I miss him fiercely. Many, many thank yous to everyone who has sent me kind words. They helped more than I can express <3 p="">

3 - Writing

I have finally managed to finish the Black Magic short I was working on. Tentative title is Come to Me, but we'll see. I seem to suck at titles these days. It was meant just to be a short, smutty thing, but I apparently can never write just smut. So instead of 5k of smut, it's about 12k of Sorin and Koray being their usual (idiotic) selves and also smut. I tried, I swear.

My task for the weekend is to finish Red & Rapunzel. After that, I need to sort things out, because I have two charity stories to write and I need to get cracking on a serial to follow A Suitable Replacement.

Looking for More, my story from LT3's That Famous Happy End anthology, is getting touched up by an editor. Once that's set, I'll be self-pubbing it, since I have so many other stories with LT3 right now that it's just easier for everyone if I do a few myself :3

Of Last Resort comes out week after next. Much love, as ever, to those who choose the slow-torture serial method of reading. Your comments and threats never fail to cheer me :3

Wriggle & Sparkle is out at Yaoifix, will let peeps know when the second part posts. I wish I had enough time to write more of them, but alas the two parts will have to suffice for now.


4 - Other

And now that I reach this point in the post, I realize I don't actually have anything else to add. Ideally I will spend my weekend writing. I would really like to get back to The High King's Golden Tongue. I am totally in love with the (much, much) longer version of this story.

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend. Stay warm (or cool)!

<3 p="">


  1. I'm sorry to hear you didn't have a good experience of the con. :-(

    I am also so, so, SO sorry about Pumpernickel! :-( I know what it's like to put a pet to sleep (though mine was a dog) and it sucks and it hurts and they will be sorely missed! <3

    And you have a lot of shiny new stories coming our way! I've been waiting for Of Last Resort to come out in ebook, since I do not have patience to read anything in serial format. I just want more, more, MORE, so yeah ... I wait so I can get everything at once. ^_^

  2. One of these days I will learn not to click on links. I will say this - at least I did not get a face full of male privates burning my eyes out of there sockets this time.- I am really sorry about nick. It was always a trip to wake up in the morning and see him staring at your mother and I when we visit. It is as if he was trying to decide whether to eat us or let us live and keep you from cleaning up the mess. Have a good weekend DAD

  3. Man, that really sucks that whole debacle happened at the con. Cons are supposed to be fun and non-stressful, and the frustrated feeling the staff gave you guys... Hopefully your next con won't bite. And, even more hopefully, Ahn!Con will own up to its mistakes, though if it's been this long and nothing...

    Also, I'm sorry Pumpernickel had to leave you so soon. *hugs*

    And as for the Black Magic short! I saw you were really wrestling with that on Twitter. I'm glad you finished it! Congrats! - Sixpence

  4. Megan,

    It was wonderful to get to meet you and the rest of the OT3 staff! Ann and I were pleased to make your acquaintance after all of the nice things we'd heard from Amanda! Hopefully we will see you at another convention in the future - one where the staff is at least more tolerable. :)

    Also, I'm terribly sorry to hear about the loss of your cat. I hope you can find comfort in the happy memories you had with him.

    In regards to your writing - now I'm really hoping we see you at another convention - I would love to pick up one of your books!

    Hoping you have a pleasant weekend as well!

    - Emily (Ziska) - Grave Impressions

  5. I just read your post and I just wanted to say I am so sorry for the loss of Pumpernickel. I know what it's like to lose a pet and the decision to put him to sleep is never an easy one. He had a wonder life with you, no matter how short of a time it was, and he will always be close to your heart. They never truly leave us.

  6. I'm sorry to hear about Pumpernickle :( as a pet owner who's had to see more than one pet off to the next great adventure, I can say that it doesn't get easier.


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