Tuesday, September 13, 2011

So much writing, so little time

As ever, I am behind on everything. I love being a publisher, but it makes it hella difficult to just write sometimes.

My immediate to do list is:

Meant to Be
The Mermaid
The Christmas Package

and come October, I have to finish whatever of that list I have not done, start a new serial (Love You Like A Romance Novel, which I posted a snippet of here previously), finish up a fairytale for the LT3 Fairytales serial, and finally wrap up Kiss the Rain which only lacks the ending (it hates me, that ending).

Also in October, LT3 is attending Yaoicon x_x I will also be turning 30! ^_^ I feel this requires something special, but I have not decided what yet :3

But! I will get it all done, damn it. I just may not be sleeping much :3

I am mad excited about The Christmas Package. If anyone remembers my Hot Summer Days story, Delivery with a Smile, Christmas Package is the return of Allen and Jack ^__^

Teensy snippet:

Allen pulled his gun and aimed it at the asshole who was officially T minus fifty-nine seconds from being dead. He generally preferred to keep his daily body count to three, but he was willing to add a fourth under the circumstances.

"He's not worth killing," Jack said.

He didn't take his eyes off his new target, but he could still see his totaled Bentley Continental from the corner of his eye. "Yes, he is. Do you know what I had to do to get that fucking car?"

"Kill somebody?" Jack said dryly.

Allen shot him a disgusted look, then shot his attention back to the asshole who had wrecked his baby. "You will hold still or I will make certain the bullet I put in you cause a very slow and painful death. Do you understand me?"

The guy nodded hastily, and lifted his hands in a show of surrender that was so fucking stupid Allen almost rolled his eyes. He'd worked his ass off for that car, taken the shittiest job on the planet for it and all he'd wanted was to enjoy the rest of his day but no—the easy job had turned difficult, it was snowing like hell when the forecast had said clear, Christmas was the day after tomorrow and he still didn't know what to buy Jack, and now his favorite car was totaled.

His mood had officially gone from bad to worse, and somebody was going to get a bullet in the head. He kept the gun steady and jerked his chin in the direction of the ruin that had been his car. "You have ten seconds to tell me how you're going to make me feel better, or I'll improve it myself by applying this entire clip to your torso region."

Jack sighed. Allen ignored him.

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  1. Hee!!! I love it, love it!! Jack trying to keep the body count down and poor Allen angsty over the lack of present! Such a cute couple. Annnd I could maybe get shot for saying that. ^______^

    So cannot wait!


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