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Greetings, All,

Been awhile since I've done a post that wasn't a ficbit. I'm sure we all prefer those but needs must.


My computer needs to be sent in for repairs. I have a backup, but it's a small, lowkey thing that can't handle all the shit I do on a daily basis, only the bare minimums. So if I am slow to reply in the next few weeks, that is why. Definitely feel free to reach out to me on Twitter/FB/Tumblr DM if I seem to take too long or it's a quick question easily answered on my phone.


I was meant to be having the first book in a new trilogy coming out via ARe, but thanks to their shitshow it will not be published there. But good news, it has a far better home in Ninestar Press and ATM has a tentative release date in May. The second book is also completed, and I am currently working on the third.


I am nearly done with beta edits on Heart of the Lost Star, the third High Court book. The fourth book is nearly done, I have like 3-ish chapte…