Tuesday, January 10, 2017

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Greetings, All,

Been awhile since I've done a post that wasn't a ficbit. I'm sure we all prefer those but needs must.


My computer needs to be sent in for repairs. I have a backup, but it's a small, lowkey thing that can't handle all the shit I do on a daily basis, only the bare minimums. So if I am slow to reply in the next few weeks, that is why. Definitely feel free to reach out to me on Twitter/FB/Tumblr DM if I seem to take too long or it's a quick question easily answered on my phone.


I was meant to be having the first book in a new trilogy coming out via ARe, but thanks to their shitshow it will not be published there. But good news, it has a far better home in Ninestar Press and ATM has a tentative release date in May. The second book is also completed, and I am currently working on the third.


I am nearly done with beta edits on Heart of the Lost Star, the third High Court book. The fourth book is nearly done, I have like 3-ish chapters left, and I am also two chapters into the fifth book, which will finish the series (not including Rene's story, which is currently running as a serial, and I will have an update for that this month ideally, February at worst. I am currently overwhelmed with editing and writing deadlines)


Regarding LT3 stuffs:

The Prince of the Moon comes out January 25th, this is a re-release, it was originally published in Fairytales Slashed volume 4. Nothing significant has changed.

Love Tokens is another re-release, it was originally part of the Halloween Rentboys collection, again nothing significant has changed, though I really love the new cover.

And it's not on the LT3 site yet, but Twilight comes out April 5th.

Heart of the Lost Star is ideally set for late summer/early fall, it all depends on how badly my editor hurts me :3


Speaking of re-releases, The Royal Inquisitor I chose to self-publish. Thanks to ARe (fuck you) I set up payhip stuffs, but it's also at the usual suspects. Again, hasn't really changed, I just cleaned up typos and it has an awesome cover.


I am currently writing the third in the aforementioned trilogy, the last two High Court books, and am about to start the story I owe the winner of last year's anniversary contest. It'll be poly and have a dragon.


If you haven't been around the ol' blog lately, I posted a few stories for Christmas/New Year, including a High Court story about how Sarrica met Nyle, a Harem Master story about Ihsan's fifth concubine, and a Tournament of Losers fic about the gift Tress left for Rath :3


I hope everyone has a lovely 2017. Have an excerpt from The Mercenaries of the Stolen Moon, which is about Myra, Jac, and Charlaine (whom you'll meet in Heart). This story is MMF (and Myra is trans)

Jac pulled on her clothes, and went to pick up her armor before she remembered she wouldn't need it. She would tomorrow when the festival began and she was back on duty. Today, however, she had another whole day free.

Which reminded her like a punch to the gut that her planned trip to town to buy some little token to give to Myra when they went for tea after the festival was probably in vain.

She'd spent the whole night tossing and turning, trying to get that moment in the garden out of her mind but worrying it like a bad tooth.

Why had Myra agreed to tea with her if he was already with Charlaine? Why hadn't she heard anything about them being lovers? It was hard not to know they were friends, but she'd never heard a whisper of anything else. But they had definitely looked like lovers in the garden. The way Charlaine had chased after him, the way Myra had touched him, how comfortable and close they'd looked walking arm in arm. It had reminded her of Sarrica and Allen.

Maybe their relationship was open or something. Could she handle that? Jac gnawed at her thumbnail as she recalled that moment in the garden for the thousandth time. She'd only been taking a shortcut, trying to dodge that damned cook who wouldn't stop nattering at her every chance he got.

She'd been on the verge of going to say hello when she'd realized they were arguing or something. Then Myra had stormed off, Charlaine had gone after him…

Jac yanked on her boots and stood, sliding her throwing knives into their various hidden sheaths before picking up her short jacket and shrugging into it as she headed out, grabbing a wrap for her head at the door.

Why? That was what bothered her. If Myra and Charlaine were lovers, why agree to tea with her? Maybe Myra was planning to explain whatever was going on at tea. Though Jac couldn't see why he'd bother with her when he had Charlaine. Pantheon, she could think of fifty people easy who would lay dragon eggs to hear that Charlaine had been snatched up by the High Secretary all this time. He'd been an unattainable catch for years. Jac had always laughed and been grateful she didn't seem to get as easily smitten as everyone else.

Then she'd somehow become friends with the High Consort, and been introduced to Myra, and now she was probably getting what she deserved for secretly laughing at all her friends.

She cringed at the thought of laughter, of being laughed at, because Pantheon how stupid and silly must she seem, getting romantic advice from the lover of the man she was smitten with?

Ugh, it was too early in the day for this nonsense.

Pushing away her tumultuous thoughts, Jac focused on her present goal: breakfast.

Avoiding the public hall, which was still somewhat intimidating despite all the times she'd been in it now and the permission she had to use it freely. Instead, she went to the staff hall, where long tables were piled with all manner of food. Like the public hall, it was never really closed, as staff had to be present at all hours of the day and night to accommodate the palace residents.

When she'd piled a plate with her favorite lentil pancakes and snagged a cup of coffee, she darted out of the palace and into the public gardens. Normally they were fairly empty that time of day, and it was a nice, peaceful start to her days—infinitely better than waking up in the always-raucous barracks where soldiers were stacked on top of each other.

But of course, given the festival began tomorrow, 'normally' wasn't the case.

Finally locating an empty bench, Jac sat and made quick work of her breakfast, eager to be away from the overcrowded palace even if she had no idea now what she'd do in the city—which was also going to be overcrowded, but it wasn't the palace where she'd be reminded of Myra and Charlaine every five minutes.

Her plans to buy Myra a gift seemed stupid now. What was the point when she was obviously just going to be a momentary distraction, or he was just being kind in saying yes and would let her down gently later? He'd seemed so pleased, though, she'd let herself believe she really and truly had a chance…

Sighing, Jac returned her dishes to the kitchen and headed for the stables, where the horse she'd notified them she would need was already waiting. There were definite perks to being the High Consort's primary bodyguard. Thanking the groom, who smiled and waved goodbye, Jac headed into the city.


  1. man…Your setting up another awesome one.

  2. "Rene's story, which is currently running as a serial"
    Where is this running as a Serial? I seem to have missed it.....
    Looking forward to all of it.

    1. https://www.wattpad.com/myworks/91751158-the-imperial-dragons-secret-treasure

    2. Thank you, megan Kirby, for this. :) I was wondering, too.

      And thanks, Megan Derr, for the link.

      -- berryblu

  3. Jac!!! :D soooo happy to hear that we will be seeing more of her! I can't wait! Seriously, I am already dying from impatience! XD

  4. I can't wait for your new stuff. It sucks what ARe did to all you authors. But on to better news, I was able to get my library to get Tournament of Losers in print! I'm gonna get them to get more of your books.

  5. ooooh more, please. ;)

  6. I love your writing! I am so excited for more on the High Court and the Engineered Throne series. I am, not so secretly, in love with Lesto. :)). I have to say that Tournament of Losers was fabulous! I will stop gushing. It is getting embarrassing and I haven't even started on the Prisoner series.

  7. Can we...I just bought a new laptop last year for work. It was only about $300... That's less than a new cell phone. Do you think... Can we raise money to buy Megan a new computer?
    ...how does one start a gofundme?


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