Thursday, June 30, 2016

Update on Bird

First, many thanks for the kind comments. They've left me crying, and gotten us through this rough week. I know I haven't replied to each one (yet), but I am deeply, deeply grateful.

As to Bird... we still don't know. The blood panel came back completely negative. Our poor vet has exhausted every resource, explored every nook and cranny he can think of, and cannot figure out what is causing Bird's fever.

The full story here is that Bird got a fever a few weeks ago. We took him to an emergency vet, then to our vet, who put him on antiobiotics that seemed to be working. Then they just stopped working.

And then Anika got the same thing. We put her on antiobiotics as well, but stopped after a couple of days because she was throwing up. Now she's perfectly fine. But Bird still has a fever, and a new antibiotic.

We have no idea what's causing it, and why just these two cats seem affected. There's nothing in the house that we can find that would be making them sick, their bloodtests have come back like they're healthy cats.

Our only options at this point are to keep dealing with the fever as it comes and goes. Because the only other option, according to our vet, is to take him to the teaching institution, but that will run from $3-5,000.00. Which is way beyond our abilities.

So Anika is tentatively better for the moment. Bird is still sick, depressed, and not eating. And there is no permanent solution in sight. But we're going to see how the latest meds do and go from there.

Thanks again for the support and kind words. Love you all muchly.



  1. (((hugs))) Sorry to hear that Bird is ill. Not finding a diagnosis is scary and frustrating. I'll be sending good appetite and lower temperature vibes down from Maine. You're both awesome cat moms. It sounds like a lot to deal with on top of regular life and trying to plan your party. Wish I was closer to help out.

  2. Oh my! I'm so sorry, it sucks when our animals are sick. :( I hope it's nothing too terrible and that Bird will be fine again eventually. Crossing my fingers for him! :)

  3. I'm sorry to hear that Bird is sick :( In regard to his health - is he allowed to go outside? Sometimes horrible people poison animals. I'm not sure if that would show up in the tests.
    Another thing - you mentioned that you moved into a new house: How long has Bird been ill? Is it possible that he's allergic to something in the house? Or to some kind of food? I assume you already checked if he has a virus etc. Does he have an open wound? Infections can result in fever.
    Unfortunately, that's all I can think of atm >.< I hope Bird will recover asap! Stay strong!

  4. I saw a tweet that he's eating now! Hopefully he gets better soon !

  5. I once had cats a couple of cats the were real sick, they would not eat had a dry nose and were really lethargic. I was in college and could not afford a vet. I was standing in the store looking for anything that might work and a older lady came up to me, I explained what was wrong and she told me to cook whit rice then liquefy it, take and eye dropper and force feed the cats every couple of hours. I did it for about a week and it worked the cats were fine after that. I do not know if it will help but you may want to try. Good luck!!!


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