Saturday, May 28, 2016

Rainbow Snippet 5-28: The Only Option ficbit

I have a million and one things I need to properly post about, but it'll have to wait until hopefully this coming week.

In the meantime, have a snippet of a The Only Option ficbit I wrote recently (and I'll post the full thing once it's been edited and stuffs, I have not had the time yet).

And of course check out more Rainbow Snippets here.


"Get it off me!" The man shrieked in a pitch that normally could only be achieved by boys before their voices changed. "Get it off!"

"Her," Rochus corrected as he crouched to pet Memory, who purred happily but didn't slow where she was licking away the blood from the cut on the man's cheek. "My cat is a lady, and being rude is not going to improve your chances of living. "

The man jerked and yelped, but between Memory and the magic pinning him in place, he wasn't going anywhere.

Rochus stood and removed his glasses, pulling out a cloth to clean them. "Now, then. You have been stealing and selling bodies without the permission of the demised or their surviving loved ones. You have been selling them to people who should not have them. I want a list of all your clients, and every last, single detail you can think of pertaining to them."

"I'm not telling you—"

"You can surrender the information while you live and breathe, or I'll let me cat feast on your brains and pull the information from your spirit," Rochus snapped, shoving his glasses back into place.


  1. Oh, my! Nothing like a threat, punctuated by cleaning glasses! :)

    1. Lol. I couldn't resist, I always loved that shit and it seemed like something Rochus would do.

  2. Yikes! Not so cuddly, that cat... ;)

  3. I love the cat's name. Rochus and Memory seem quite the pair, LOL.

  4. Love the description of his voice in the first line, and the happy purring of the bloodthirsty cat. LOL This is a fun snippet and I want to read the rest!

  5. Oh... bodysnatching! And cat as potential weapon. Great stuff.

  6. Love a story with a cat - seems a useful assistant.

  7. I liked the cleaning glasses part. Such a normal, harmless thing to do while contrasting with a threat.

  8. Muahahaa! Nothing like cleaning glasses and issuing threats, indeed. Well, maybe negligently looking at your nails. ^^ Nice snippet, sounds like the crazy stuff I like.


  9. Wow, that's quite the threat! Love it. :)

  10. Oh, great stuff. And is Memory the cat's name or her job description?

  11. *grins* Now that's a threat. I love characters who can be so coolly intimidating :D


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