Sunday, January 17, 2016

Rainbow Snippet Jan 16-17

From Twilight, the sequel to Midnight, currently about half written :3


"No, my buyer is quite trustworthy." She sighed and dragged her eyes up. "But my husband… someone came by the house while I was out, painted a believable story about being there to retrieve the books. My husband handed them over convinced he was doing the right thing."

Devlin's frown deepened. "Why would he fall for such a tiresome trick?"

"Because my buyer in the demon lord Sable Brennus, and the man who came by used the surname Brennus and had paperwork aplenty to prove himself."


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  1. Eeehhh! This seems interesting! Can't wait to read more! ^^

  2. The meeting between Devlin and Chris? :D I hope so!


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