Saturday, April 12, 2014

Books, RainbowCon, other things

On the writing front, I am as busy as ever. High King gets attention where I have time, Rabbit Season I have only to transcribe the last twenty pages I've written and that will be done (on my to do for today). I'm also working on The Harem Master and The Painted Crown, which is a sequel to The Engineered Throne, about Prince Istari. After that one will follow a story about Bertin. Still trying to work on other stuff as well.

Currently deep in final edits for In Despair, A Suitable Replacement (also planning to finish today), and Looking for More (which I'm self-pubbing when it's ready). And my editor still has Pack and Lukos Heat (which will probably also get a sequel, since Sasha was pretty adamant about it and I like breathing).

I'm also continuing to write Wriggle & Sparkle for Yaoifix, and am in charge of a Christmas anthology for LT3. More on that as the date approaches.

Speaking of books and approaching dates, With Pride comes out this week. I am guesting at MM Good Book Reviews on the 14th, and with Pants Off Reviews on the 15th.

Much love to those who have already read it and enjoyed it. I hope everyone else does as well. For those patiently waiting to learn of Korin's fate, fear not. Only a few more months now :3 And at some point I will get to rewriting Dalibor's story.

You can still pre-order WP through Tuesday evening. Come Tuesday night, it will be available to all for reading, and third part sites should follow over the next 8-24 hours (itunes is the slow one). 

- - - - -

RainbowCon! Should be interesting. I am on a handful of panels, modding two of them. Well, modding one, and then Grace Duncan and I are part of the world-building workshop (and two other authors, but they haven't really spoken up and I'm not sure one is even going to be there). I have never done a workshop in my life, and it's probably the only thing I'm nervous about because I would like to be useful to peeps. Grace Duncan seems like she's got it well in hand, though :3 Should be fun in the end.

Friday 11:00 - Publisher Mash-up. I have no idea what this entails other than the obvious, but I'm on it with Lor Rose and K. Piet

Friday 22:00 - Taboos in Romance. This is the panel I'm modding. Though at ten PM on a Friday I sincerely doubt it will be well-attended, if attended at all? Still seems a weird panel time to me, but I'll guess we'll see :) I am looking forward to it, because I like my taboos and it'll be fun to see which ones get discussed.

Saturday 11:00 - Polyamorous Fiction. Looking forward to this one as well. Should be especially fun since I've just started work on Harem Master. I'm not familiar with the other authors on this panel, except Augusta Li and then only by name (I think the one series is a threesome?). So it'll be fun to meet other poly-writing authors. 

Saturday 15:00 - LT3 Spotlight. Come listen to LT3 babble about what we do and ask us questions. We will attempt to be useful :3

Saturday 16:00 - World-building Workshop with me, Grace Duncan, Robin Saxon, and Carole Cummings. If there is anything specific you would really like me to mention, by all means drop a line and I will do my best ^__^


Until a week ago I had two roommates - Sasha, and my youngest sister Brandie. But Brandie got a new job that required her to move to a different city (where my parents currently live) so it's just me and Sasha now :3  So my bedroom is now an office, and Brandie's room is my room. The cats like it because they can lay on my bed and stare out the window. They just really wish I would stop using it :3

(Finnegan on the left, stealing my damn pillow, and Seamus on the right going OMG BIRDS)

Scorching Book Reviews is doing an LGBT theme throughout April, lots of good posts so far. 

Definitely check it out. I had a post on the 5th reccing sci-fi and fantasy books. The giveaways wrap today (I offered up some LT3 books, and the magnificent Aleks offered up Scorpion and Lying with Scorpions), but even if you miss that the recs might be worth a look. The other posts are definitely worth a look.

I feel I am forgetting something, but it will have to wait for another post because I must get cracking on work. Lots to do today, and the next few days, to be ready for RC. We leave on the 16th, get back on the 20th, and I would like to come home to a pile of work, not a mountain.

Everybody have a good weekend, and a lovely week! If you're going to RC, I will see you soon ^__^

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  1. Oof, you sound so busy! I saw pictures of the new office and room set up on twitter - looks awesome! I wish I could attend the panel on polyamorous fiction and taboos in romance - actually wish I could attend the con period, but I'd be all over those panels if I could go. I hope everything goes well! ~ sixpence


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