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WIP - The Runaway Clause

Something light-hearted and silly I am working on when I need a break from the more difficult stories I am writing. I love me some fantasy, but good grief can it be exhausting. And this idea has been nagging me for years, so I said fuck it. I'm about half done with it? A third? It's hard to say.

(Excuse any errors, it's still very much in rough draft stage. The legal speak especially is going to need someone else to hammer it into shape.)

The Runaway Clause Chapter One

In the event that either party fails to fulfill its obligations under this Agreement to Marry, the most immediate relatives of the reneging party shall be liable to the other for a suitable replacement betrothed. Suitable grounds for declaring a failure to fulfill obligations include, but are not limited to:  failure to arrive at altar on day of Marriage, running away, marrying another while Agreement is still in place, lying about identity, situation, or motives for entering the Agreement. In the event that the…

All of the Things

I have not used my blogger, really, since I set it up. But Livejournal is becoming deader and deader, and tumblr while fun isn't really meant for the same sort of blogging.

So we'll give this a try. I miss blogging and chatting with people more, and most of that is my job, as ever, and using all my free time to keep my house clean or write.

Have been busy busy busy, as usual.

First, books! Because I don't get to spend as much time writing as I used to, but it's still my heart and soul.

Dance with the Devil comes out Wednesday (Tuesday night). If you want to follow along on my blog tour for it, where I ramble about world building and future projects and the songs I used for it, the starting point is on my LJ. It will be replaced in serial by Of Last Resort. I'm extremely proud of both stories, I hope readers enjoy.

When I need a break from all the fantasy writing, because the Princes of the Blood is definitely a draining trilogy, I am poking away at a Impractical-verse…