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Dear Cis Gay Men, Here's Why Women in MM Romance Don't Listen to You

I used to call many gay men my friends—in college, post college for a few years. And I didn't think of them as my 'gay friends'; they were my friends.
Until I really started to notice (or rather acknowledge) that their favorite insults to each other all revolved around women: You bitch. You slut. Pussy. You cunt. On particularly charming moments, You ugly bleeding cunt. Sometimes it was simply 'girl', but it was rather frustrating to hear them use these words as insults against each other between telling me my clothes look awful or grabbing my friends' ass, and when we complained about it, telling us 'it's okay because I'm gay'.
And if your immediate response to the above is 'not all gay men' please, respectfully, shut up.
Let's go way way back to the beginning of MM fiction. Which is an offshoot of/strongly tied to BL (boys' love), yaoi, and slash (and before anyone tries to tell me I don't know what I'm talking about, …