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Harem Master - The King's Librarian

My final present to my darling readers, I hope 2017 is a lovely year for you all. Happy New Year!
Special thanks and all my love to Raelynn for providing the beautiful artwork for this story.

(TW for attempted rape)

Nima took a deep breath. He could do this. He was supposed to be here. He'd been invited here. He wasn't an imposter, he wasn't an imposter, he wasn't an imposter.
Clutching the strap of his satchel with one hand, papers clenched in the other, he finally crossed the courtyard with its lush, colorful plants and imperious statues, and came to a halt in front of the four guards, intimidating in their black uniforms, two with swords at their waists, two holding glaives, the sharp blades reflecting sunlight.
Admittance to the palace was restricted to those who lived and worked there, and approved guests. If you were not one of those three, you had to have papers. When one of the guards held his hand out, face stony, Nima gave him the papers with a hand that tre…