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Various Works in Progress

Because lately I'm scattered and all over the place, I'm picking away slowly b/t a handful of stories. Eventually, one will stick and that's all I'll do for a bit, but right now here is the roster ;3

DANCE IN THE STORM The grand finale to the Dance with the Devil series
Ettore resumed walking, but awareness had come and he could not go back to that state where nothing at all existed, not even him.
"Am I finally dead?" he whispered before he could stop himself. The idea made him sad, but mostly it brought only relief. No more beatings. No more violations. No more starving or darkness or futile begging.
"You're not dead quite yet, but there's no going back," said a soft, but thunderous voice. It brushed over his skin like gentle caresses he missed and would never feel again.
He turned around and around, looking for the source but seeing only fog. "Wh-who's there?"
Turning around, shivers of fear and anticipation sliding…