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Black magic ficbit

For Alessandra, just because <3


Koray dismounted, nearly falling to the stones of the ward as his knees gave out. Myst reached out to steady him, smiling in sympathy. "Good to be home, huh?" he shouted over the pouring rain.

"Yes," Koray replied fervently. "Thank you." He headed off into the keep, sighing as icy rain was replaced with warmth and dryness. The castle was always drafty, and he'd feel it soon enough, but for the moment it was the warmest he'd been all day.

Home, finally, after days away taking care of ghosts that resulted from an unexpected illness killing half a village. Thankfully whatever had struck them hadn't spread further, and he'd stay away a few extra days to ensure he wouldn't carry anything to the royal castle, but Goddess had he hated it.

Servants came bustling up, and Koray was happy to let them strip off the worst of his sodden clothes and pull on dry ones that must have been hanging by a fire in exp…


Good Afternoon, Peeps ^__^

Since Intertwined is a not so secret favorite of mine, I am doing it's debut post myself. There are two giveaways, one right here for the first six books and Prism Book Alliance will be hosting a giveaway for the remaining five next week.

We all know how much I love poly. Harem Master recently came out, and my nano project is a fantasy story about four men accidentally bonded together until they kill the demon that destroyed their city (this would be the foursome porn with telepathy that I've been bitching about all week. Do not do telepathy. Definitely don't do telepathy if you have to write foursome porn).

So I was pretty damn stoked when we first launched this call, and I have been increasingly excited as every book came to me ready for final touches. They offer a little bit of everything: office shenanigans, professor and students, friends to lovers, angels to the rescue, rivals and incubus funtimes, a witch in the woods, beautiful, deadly d…